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From My Experience: South Korea 2014 Travel Tips

Here are a little something more from my South Korea 2014 travel. Some tips I learned and wanna share here.

1. Where to view cherry blossom during spring in South Korea?
I visited Seoul, Busan, Jinhae, Jeonju and Jeju island during spring for cherry blossom and I can tell you that it’s all about luck. We managed to catch the cherry blossom flowers at its peak in Busan. Whereas in Jinhae, Jeonju and Jeju island they were already past their best. We had the least luck in Seoul.


Where: Dalmaji Road
How we went: At Haeundae subway station, we took a cab to Dalmaji Road. We told the cab driver to bring us to Haewoljeong 해월정 which is the famous pavilion at Dalmaji Road. Cab fee 3,600 won.


Where: Yeojwa Stream
How we went: We walked to Yeojwa Stream from Jinhae Intercity Bus Terminal. Took us 40 minutes because we stop a lot to take photos and also did a detour to the local post office.

Where: Gyeonghwa Station
How we went: We walked to the bus stop opposite Jinhae Train Station from Yeojwa Stream. Then took bus 307 to Gyeonghwa Station at 1,200 won.

Jeju island

Where: Jeju Sports Complex, Jeju city (the cherry blossom trees are located beside a stadium)
How we went: We went there by car with the help of GPS. If you have a Korean GPS, input this tel: 728-2753
Bonus: You also get to view rapeseed flowers.


Where: Omokdae at Jeonju Hanok Village
How we went: Omokdae is located on a hill. We climbed up the stairs.
Bonus: Best view of Jeoju Hanok Village (see no. 2)


Where: Yeouido cherry blossom road (behind National Assembly)
How we went: From Yeouido subway station, we walked to the cherry blossom road.

2. Best view of Jeonju Hanok Village.

Cafés serving traditional teas and coffees can be found throughout the village, but for the best view try Tomorrow Café, perched high above. It claims to be the only place with a view of the entire village, and is perfect for sunset and a glass of wine. ~ from CNN Travel

I read the above prior to my visit to South Korea. I did not visit Tomorrow Café when I was in Jeonju however I believe the best view of Jeonju Hanok Village is at Omokdae. It’s the highest point surrounding the hanok village and it boost superb scenery of the whole village. Nothing beats this.

Just look at this view:

This is the most priceless thing I discovered in Jeonju.

3. Where to view haenyeo 해녀 (Jeju’s sea women) at work?
It’s a fact that haenyeo (free diving female) is near its extinction unless young Jeju women decide to follow their mothers and grandmothers footstep.

To view them at work, you can go to Seongsan Ilchulbong. After passing the ticket booth and a little climb up, turn to the left and take that path. You’ll come to a wide open sea and House of Women Divers (restaurant) at the bottom. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see them diving into the sea.

If you’re on a coastal drive along Jeju, you can also come across haenyeo at work like what we found here:

So be on the look out whenever you’re at the coastal roads.

4. Korean GPS is the best.

I love Korean GPS. Why? Because I just need to input telephone number and the system will know how to find the place. No need to painfully key in the address. Wohoo! Do you need to know some Korean to use Korean GPS? Not really but it’s a bonus if you know how to read Hangul. Just ask the car rental officer to teach you to use the GPS. It’s very easy.

5. Skincare goodies at Myeondong.
I’m sure some of you may have heard or read about how easy it is to get free skincare goodies at Myeondong. When you go to Myeondong, those salesgirls standing outside the shops will entice you to go into their shops. And once you go in I think they will give you free stuffs. Okay so I went to Myeongdong twice and the only free gifts I got was from Innisfree because I bought stuff from them. I did not go into the shop when those salesgirls invited me because I kinda pity them. Dressed in short sexy outfit with fake smile plastered their faces… how daunting must this kind of work be? I do not want to take advantage of this situation to get free stuff. End of story.

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