About Me

Hi! Welcome to Che-Cheh.

Che-Cheh is a time capsule of my life journey. It recorded my loving memories of my beloved golden retriever, Chester Bennington Q (2003-2015) or more fondly known as Che-Cheh. Yes, this blog was named after him.

I am a dog lover (especially golden) that loves to daydream and worry like a mad lady! My passion is to travel around the world and learn new culture (check out my list to UNESCO World Heritage Sites). I love taking pictures and have a great interest in food (cooking, baking & eating). For this I practice them here and my food blog. I’m also a Korean dramas addict. Ohh and I also like gardening and a good bargain.

In short, Che-Cheh serves as a place for me to share, learn, give, love, curse and rant just about anything and everything.

A little about my blogging history…
I started blogging at Geocities. Though I’ve forgotten the name of my very first blog, I remembered learning the basics of html.

Took a little break before I come back and start anew at https://che-cheh.blogspot.com/ (16th January 2005 ~ 21st December 2005).

A little short of a year later, I knew I wanted to expand and have more freedom. That was when I bought my first domain Che-Cheh.com and had it registered on 13th December 2005 (hosted by Sapiens Bryan). That’s when I start tinkering with CSS and php stuff.

I started writing here since 21st December 2005 and have never look back since. Officially started using Thesis theme on 23rd December 2011. Ditched Thesis in February 2015.

Some bits & pieces about my dear Chester…

Chester was a cheeky bum and a couch potato. Treasure hunt and hide and seek were 2 of his favorite games. He used to love football too and taunted passerby especially those on 2 wheelers but had grown out of it due to old age. He was a shy, gentle and timid guy at heart. He learned very quickly and understood over 50 commands. Food was his life!

His favorite pastimes were sleeping, nibbling at his teddy or blanket, walking with his two owners and visiting his girlfriends (both human and furry ones). He loved tummy and back rub, water (=bath + ice) and treats. His other nicknames were che, chez, keke keke, bear bear, fei chu yoke (fatty pork), siu yoke (roasted pig), oppa (brother/오빠), ajeoshi (uncle/아저씨), eongdong-i (butt/엉덩이) and mister. He was some sort of a multilingual dog. He understood some English, Hokkien and Korean. Funny I never spoke to him Cantonese. His intelligence sometimes surprises me until today. He learned commands REAL fast and can catch what you were doing even before the action begins. He was real special and I love him to bits. Muaks XOX

My Wishlist

1. Full-frame DSLR
2. Fast prime lens for travel and walkabout (still trying to figure out which is the best)
3. Backpacking to New Zealand, India, Mongolia/Silk Road, Nepal. Wish to visit London, Paris and South Korea again.

Gadgets Owned

1. Nikon DSLR D80 with kit lens; AF-S NIKKOR 18-135mm 3.5-5.6G ED on 14th February 2009.
2. AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D on 13th September 2009.
3. Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom circa November 2009.

My Other Footprints

Messy Witchen was in full flight from 30th September 2009. Purchased this second domain on 25th August 2009. Messy Witchen is about FOOD, FOOD & FOOD only. Feel free to drop by and I guarantee you will be leaving that place feeling NOT hungry! or VERY hungry! (depending how you look at it haha).

Tupperware Lovers was born on On 4th August 2008. This was my first che-cheh.com sub-domain. Tupperware Lovers was a place for me to share my Tupperware passion, the highs & low of owning so many Tupperwares!!! Starting early 2014, I’ve stopped updating Tupperware Lovers. Deleted: Nov 2015

All my sites are hosted by IXIY. Awesome service!!!

September 2014 – My inchi kabin photo were published in Silkwinds October 2014 issue, an inflight magazine for Silk Airs. My dream of having a photo publish in a physical magazine came true. Now, here’s to many more! *geonbae 건배!* (cheers)

Inchi Kabin Photo