About Me

Hi! My name is Amy. Welcome to my blog Che-Cheh. This blog was named after my angel golden retriever, Chester Bennington Q (2003-2015). His nickname was Che-Cheh.

I’ve been blogging for over a decade. I started at Geocities. Although I’ve forgotten the name of my very first blog, I remember learning the basics of HTML so that I can tinker with the blog codes. I then took a little break before coming back to the blogging world and start anew at Blogspot. Shy of a year later, I knew I wanted to expand and have more freedom. So, I purchased my first ever domain: che-cheh.com. That’s when I started tinkering with CSS and PHP stuff. I have been blogging here since December 2005 and have never looked back since.

I am a dog lover (especially golden) that used to love to daydream and worry like a mad lady. Since learning about meditation, journaling, manifestation and affirmation, I’ve been practicing ’em in my daily life. The journey has been eye-opening so far. I love traveling alot. Check out the places I’ve visited to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I also love taking photos, have great interest in food (cooking, baking & eating) – my food blog, gardening, Korean dramas and finding good bargain.

My inchi kabin photo were published in Silkwinds October 2014 issue, an inflight magazine for Silk Airs. My dream of having a photo publish in a physical magazine came true.

Inchi Kabin Photo