About Me

Hi! My name is Amy. Welcome to my blog Che-Cheh. This blog was named after my angel golden retriever, Chester Bennington Q (2003-2015). His nickname was Che-Cheh.

I’ve been blogging for over a decade. I started at Geocities. Although I’ve forgotten the name of my very first blog, I remember learning the basics of HTML so that I can tinker with the blog codes. I then took a little break before coming back to the blogging world and start anew at Blogspot. Shy of a year later, I knew I wanted to expand and have more freedom. So, I purchased my first ever domain: che-cheh.com. That’s when I started tinkering with CSS and PHP stuff. I have been blogging here since December 2005 and have never looked back since. Come enjoy $10 credit when you host your site with VeeroTech.

I am a dog lover (especially golden) that used to love to daydream and worry like a mad lady. Since learning about meditation, journaling, manifestation and affirmation, I’ve been practicing ’em in my daily life. The journey has been eye-opening so far. I love traveling a lot. Check out the places I’ve visited to UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I also love taking photos, have great interest in food (cooking, baking & eating) – my food blog, gardening, Korean dramas and finding good bargain.

To feed my passion for serving simple good food, I founded The Food Workshop in late 2017. We offer made to order cookies, loaf and spices. Come visit our online shop!

My inchi kabin photo were published in Silkwinds October 2014 issue, an inflight magazine for Silk Airs. My dream of having a photo publish in a physical magazine came true.

Inchi Kabin Photo