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Stories about my angel golden retriever, Chester.
The fun, the agony and the best of the time we had!

Here are some bits & pieces about my dear angel Chester:

Chester was a cheeky bum and a couch potato. Treasure hunting and hide and seek were 2 of his favorite games. He used to love football too and taunted passersby especially those on 2 wheelers (learned from Zebra) but had grown out of it as the years pass. He was a shy, gentle and timid guy at heart. He learned very quickly and understood over 50 commands. Food was his life!

His favorite pastimes were sleeping, nibbling at his teddy or blanket, walking with his two owners and visiting his girlfriends (both human and furry ones). He loved tummy and back rub, water (=bath + ice) and treats. His nicknames were che-cheh, che, chez, keke keke, bear bear, fei chu yoke (fatty pork), siu yoke (roasted pig), oppa (brother/오빠), ajussi (uncle/아저씨), eongdong-i (butt/엉덩이) and mister. He was some sort of a multilingual dog. He understood some English, Hokkien and Korean. Funny I never spoke to him in Cantonese. His intelligence sometimes surprises me until the day he passed. He learned commands REAL fast and can catch what you were doing even before the action begins. He was really special and I loved him to bits. Muaks XOX


Happy 19th Birthday My Angel Dog!

Wow! What is this? You’re already 19 years old Che. Happiest Birthday to my dearest angel dog. ❤️🎂❤️🎂❤️ I hope you’re doing awesome on the other side.

Tomorrow marks the 7th year of your passing. I misssss you! Perhaps you’ve reincarnated? But I don’t think you left yet because today you gave me a sign on your special day, just like two years ago.

To my long time readers, remember these photo canvases of Chester? They were from 6 years ago.

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I Dreamed of Chester

Today’s Chester 17th birthday and tomorrow will be 5 years since he left us. Time flies so fast, eh?

Happy happy birthday Chester!

Chester Chilaxing
Someone was having a peaceful chilaxing time. Taken on 17th June 2014.

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To my handsome angel, happy 15th birthday! 😘


I don’t miss you every day. But I miss you every other day.

Tomorrow will be the 3rd anniversary of your passing.

Love ya always! 💗


14 Years Old

Happy 14th birthday, my dear Chester. ❤️

Chester 2005

Yes, I taught him to drink at two years of age.
Because life can be maniac at times. Bottoms up!

Tomorrow will be two years since you left us.

많이많이사랑해 💗

Chester, Lifestyle

Photobook Of Chester ❤️

After Chester’s passing, I wanted to make a special photobook dedicated to him. A photobook that chronology his time with us, from his gotcha day in 2003 to his very last day with us in 2015. When I make this plan into motion, I knew this will be really my final goodbye… as in letting go. I’ll still love him and miss him no matter what.

Doing this photobook was a bittersweet process. Of course I cried while choosing and looking back at the thousands of photos, especially the last year. Do I have to re-live those last painful moments? Yes, I need to in order to grow up. I have toughen up a lot since then.

Without further ado, may I present you the photobook of my golden angel, Chester… just a sneak peak of the 80 pages album with nearly 600 photos.

Front Cover of Chester Photobook
A golden with a golden heart. I choose this photo as the front cover of the album. It’s one of my very favorites. It’s on the canvas too. This photo was taken few days after his birthday in 2013 using Samsung S3.

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