My 2023

The triple turbo mode I experienced in December 2022 charged into 2023 and never stopped. In fact, it went on a quintuple mode throughout the year until nearly the end of 2023.

In terms of emotional well-being, it was a dark year. This year, I cried the most times (not including when I was a baby la) and, then there were countless times when I wanted to cry but just couldn’t no matter how hard I tried. Because of my conflict(s), my teeth health is really goners. In other words, I embodied bad dental health due to conflicts according to GHK and modern diets as discovered by Dr Weston A Price.

On the other hand, digestive issues are a really rare occurrence this year and so is panic attack. On the physical health front, I’m stronger. I think it’s all thanks to the animal fats that I’m putting in my body. Imagined what it would be like if I’m only consuming 5% of processed food (I don’t want to eliminate all because what’s life?).

Financially, I had to replace my laptop in the first quarter of the year which it repaired last year. I splashed another round of water on it and that’s it. LOL! After that, I also splashed water on my new laptop about twice but both times it was saved by the newly bought keyboard protector. Phewsssss!

I’m not sure if it’s because everything is expensive now. Still, my spending is almost on par with last year’s where I bought a few expensive items due to gadgets malfunctioned. Not to mention, I also spent more $$ on online shopping. And, when compared to two years before that, this year’s figure is unacceptable to me. So, next year, I need to be more frugal.

There are not much to say about gardening. They are still same-same. Some plants died, some prospered and no fruits yet from my fruit trees. I still cook but I cook less in the second half of the year to escape being bullied by the toxic morsel. So, I ordered food delivery quite a bit. Without realizing it, I also baked less this year.

KBSWorld still doesn’t show many new dramas which is a downer. Anyway, this year I watched/am watching a total of 18 Korean dramas. I wrote a post summary of the Korean dramas that I loved, dropped and wished I had dropped. Click the link to read if you’re curious.

It’s been 4 years since my last travel and I’m itching for it. I don’t know if one still needs to be vaxxed aka poisoned to fly and if it does, I can’t fly still. I encountered quite a few deja vus & dreams that didn’t make sense initially but came true. E.g. I dreamed/deja-vu-ed (forgot which one) that all my teeth fell and it’s coming true but I’m putting a stop to it. Aja!

Ever wake up every day and you don’t feel like you’ve slept? I experienced this regularly this year. Life is a blur, feeling-less… it’s like not living at all. I mean, this is really not living. I may have stumbled hard this year, but it doesn’t mean it’ll be like that forever. Thank you for these difficult lessons for I learned a lot. Next year is gonna be an awesome year!

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