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Shell Heritage Canisters

As a collector of many things (read: paper bags, stamps, boxes, bottles), I was so happy to learn about the limited edition heritage canisters offered by Shell; to commemorates its 125th anniversary in Malaysia. Problem was I learned about this promotion 2 weeks late. Surely the canisters from the weeks before has been snatched up, right? Nope. I was wrong. There were plenty left. Seems like no one wanted to collect these beautiful heritage canisters.

Unlike last year’s Lego Shell collection promotion which were such a hit (those Lego were sold out on the day it was released), I saw plenty of heritage canisters sitting at the Shell stations. I also basically didn’t need to show my proof of purchase of RM40 of Shell fuels to buy those big canisters. That’s how unpopular they are.

Shell Heritage Canisters
My limited edition Shell heritage canisters. Aren’t they lovely?
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Chitty Chatty

My Bizarre Hobby: Collecting Paper Bags

Note: An overdue post just for Jemima.

Collecting paper bags doesn’t sound so bizarre actually but if you’ve been collecting ‘em for nearly 2 decades like me and have no idea what to do with ‘em besides keeping ‘em eons to come then it is BIZARRE.

My whole paper bags + plastic bags collection are here. Maybe this picture didn’t do the justice.

I especially love my Mun Loong paper bags. Mun Loong was one of KL’s most prominent department stores in the late 80s to early 90s. Every season, they’ll have different design of paper bags to woo us. And every time, I’d hope my mom will buy a dress from Mun Loong so that I can have their beautiful paper bags.

These are some of my favourite paper bags from Mun Loong.

I review my paper bags collection once every few years. Actually the number of paper bags has remained quite static. I keep some, I throw some and I add some. What to do? I only have one small area in my cupboard to keep them.

Paper bags with Christmas theme from Isetan, Tangs and Yaohan.


So does anyone of you have this same peculiar hobby – collecting paper bags?