Thank You Very Much Nokia 6!

You know what? I dropped my Nokia 6 phone on the first day I bought it. From then on, I will drop the phone accidentally (not purposely la) from time to time. There are times when I would drop the phones several times a day or drop it continuously for a few days. This is me being klutzy at its best. Thanks to its well-built aluminium body and strong willpower, it soldier on.

Well, that was until one fine day, the charging port became loose. I thought oh ohhh not again like my retired Samsung S3 issue? But you know what (again)? After many a drop, the charging port miraculously became okay back. 🀣

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My 2022

My 2022 began slowly like 2021 but starts moving fast after the first quarter and when it reached December? It went on triple turbo mode!!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

I wasn’t really living my 2022. Every day was following a fixed schedule in order to escape the traumas (yeah, it came back). It was and still is traumatizing to live with that toxic morsel. You know this toxic morsel purposely taunts you every day and you try hard to be okay with it but sometimes you fall and feel trapped. And this year, I fell really hard. Very very hard. You can’t do anything about it except hide in a room, get outta there forever or choose death. Or curse a lot. I cursed that moronic toxic morsel GTH many times. I know it’s bad of me but it’s just too unbearable not to release the stresses.

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Adios, My Dear Nikon D80

‘Twas 24th August 2022, a beautiful Wednesday morning. I was busy clicking away at my breakfast plate with the Nikon D80 but that one last click changes everything: a weird shutter sound played out. I checked the control panel and it was blinking with an Err message. Every time I press the shutter, the motor kept giving a weird rrrrr sound.

This is the subject I was photographing

Last Photo From Nikon D80

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Happy 19th Birthday My Angel Dog!

Wow! What is this? You’re already 19 years old Che. Happiest Birthday to my dearest angel dog. β€οΈπŸŽ‚β€οΈπŸŽ‚β€οΈ I hope you’re doing awesome on the other side.

Tomorrow marks the 7th year of your passing. I misssss you! Perhaps you’ve reincarnated? But I don’t think you left yet because today you gave me a sign on your special day, just like two years ago.

To my long time readers, remember these photo canvases of Chester? They were from 6 years ago.

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Chitty Chatty

Unifi Finally!

Can you believe it if I told you that my household has been surviving on a Streamyx broadband download speed of 512Kbps since 2008? I’m not joking. TM upgraded our service to 1Mbps roughly a year ago or less which we only found out recently (no wonder the internet was faster just a teeny weeny bit). So yeah, 14 years!!!

What did we use pre-Streamyx? Jaring. It’s a dial-up internet with a download speed of 14.4Kbps and later 56Kbps! Hahaha 😜 I can laugh now but at that time it was precioussssssss.

During the later parts of the 14 years with Streamyx, there were almost daily conflicts between the 3 users of the household due to the crawling internet speed, especially between my dad and me. As gadgets become more and more advanced, so does the amount of bandwidth it consumes. Urgggghhh!!! Even if I don’t want to change, I had to. So, we finally migrated to Unifi at long last.

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