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Bangkok Is Perfectly Safe!!!

Hello, I’m back! This time REALLY for good.

I’ve just came back from Bangkok 2 days ago. Weeeee it’s indeed a memorable journey to remember with the occasion sore feet and plenty of dramas!!

Remember I was quite worry to go to Bangkok since the coup happened less than a week I was scheduled to leave? My worry all went away the moment I stepped into LCCT because I’m getting 1 step closer to Bangkok.

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I’m Back & There I Go Again…To Bangkok (maybe)

La la la la I’m back…
Yeah! I’ve completed my work. *fingers crossed* no more problem please!

Ahh I miss blogging. Did you miss me? I miss all of you.
But but but… I might be going off again from blogging.

I might be going to Bangkok this weekend!!!
Am I crazy? I think I am. I am a sane crazy girl.
I was devastated when I heard about the news.
My plans, my dreams, my longing to see Bangkok all went kaput. All the months I took into preparing this trip…

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