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Bangkok Is Perfectly Safe!!!

Hello, I’m back! This time REALLY for good.

I’ve just came back from Bangkok 2 days ago. Weeeee it’s indeed a memorable journey to remember with the occasion sore feet and plenty of dramas!!

Remember I was quite worry to go to Bangkok since the coup happened less than a week I was scheduled to leave? My worry all went away the moment I stepped into LCCT because I’m getting 1 step closer to Bangkok.

Everything is perfectly safe in Bangkok. No worry ok. Bangkok city life goes on as usual. Only at certain area you will see few soldiers stationed there and that shouldn’t hinder you from going to the place you want to go as they are always ready to smile and willing to take photo with you. For those of you planning to visit Bangkok in the near future, please do so.

Full trip reviews will be published on Monday as I’ve yet to write up my trip. Ohh and I didn’t overspend!!!! For the first time in many many trips… I didn’t overspend. Cayalah myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I’m Back & There I Go Again…To Bangkok (maybe)

La la la la I’m back…
Yeah! I’ve completed my work. *fingers crossed* no more problem please!

Ahh I miss blogging. Did you miss me? I miss all of you.
But but but… I might be going off again from blogging.

I might be going to Bangkok this weekend!!!
Am I crazy? I think I am. I am a sane crazy girl.
I was devastated when I heard about the news.
My plans, my dreams, my longing to see Bangkok all went kaput. All the months I took into preparing this trip…

Somehow someway the coup happened without any bloodshed. This is good news.
I hope there will never be any bloodshed.

On another note, I might not be able to make it to Bangkok. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It all depends on the latest situation there. I’m keeping my eyes glue to BBC, CNN, online Thai newspaper and embassy press release.

And I’ve got to resolve another dilemma at home. My mom is worry sick. I think she worries too much. My dad and grandma are ok with me and sis going to Bangkok with a few of our friends. Fhewww… of course as long as there are no violence.

Let’s hope everything is fine.
If I do make it to Bangkok, this will be once in a lifetime experience.