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드림하이 Dream High (Korean Drama)

Dream High (드림하이) is my current ♥FAVORITE♥ Korean drama!!! It’s so cool and addictive that Monday and Tuesday are NOW the 2 best days of my week!!! Hahaha I got hooked right from the very first episode. Even the songs are great man!

This drama follow the story of 6 talented youths aspire to become global superstars. But first they must pass the hurdles and hardships in life to achieve that. Personality, looks, talents, friendships and enemies will either make or break them. Their journey at Kirin High School of Arts start with the interesting auditions chaired by Jung Ha-Myung (Bae Yong-Jun). And with the support of the teachers that will mold and help them rise to their challenges of becoming superstars!

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