When Nature Gives You Sesame Seeds

Throwback to early this year, I witnessed a peculiar plant growing in one of my pots. As time goes by, it grew taller and taller, and starts bearing very cute rectangular pods.

Sesame Seed Plant
Can you guess what plant is this? Oh yeah, that’s right. The title post blew it.

Sesame Seed Plant

Sesame Seeds
Few weeks later, the pods dried out and split open by themselves. Feeling really curious, I took a few pods and examined them. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Even asked my sis to confirm if this is really sesame seeds!

Aren’t they beautiful?

Sesame Seeds
In this photo, you can see the raw form of sesame seeds (right), tan/white sesame seeds (center) and black sesame seeds (left). The tan and black seeds came from the same plant.

And as the sesame plant began to die (the whole stalk dried out), new sesame babies can be seen sprouting. This cycle breaks off only recently. Now, I’m sesame plant-less, but very much avocado plants-ful. πŸ˜‰

Thank you nature for giving me an unlikely present in the form of sesame plant. Learned quite a few things about sesame. I hope you do too.

Tsk, I realize that sesame plants thrive in tropical climate. How come Malaysia doesn’t grow them? Or maybe we do, just that we I don’t know about it.

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