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Meet My New Oven

Updated on 24th July 2023: Oven is 16 years old & still going strong! πŸ’ͺ
Kee Huat Radio no longer sells oven, etc. But they still provide servicing.

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ve finally bought an oven. It all started when I was looking through The Star paper few weeks back and chance upon an advertisement by Kee Huat Radio showcasing their free standing Europa OvenMate electric oven.

We visited Kee Huat Radio’s showroom at Sea Park last Saturday. Our main objective is to have a look and get information about that oven. From what I gathered from the salesperson, Europa OvenMate is an Italian brand, all internal oven parts are made from Italy but is assemble in Kee Huat Radio’s plant at Shah Alam.

Would you have a yellow or red oven in your kitchen? No right? Ugly hor? That’s why they stop selling color oven. But my mom said they’re pretty.

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Oven Hopping

We (sis, mom & me) spent our Saturday oven hopping around Klang Valley. Yeah we hopped from Bukit Raja to Kelana Jaya to Puchong and finally Klang searching for the perfect built-in oven for our home kitchen.

We had a Zanussi gas cooker cum electric oven but gave it away 2 years ago because the electric oven’s thermostat often malfunction. So you can imagine 2 years of inactive baking has made our hands getting itchier and itchier and our thoughts run wild. We so wanted to bake cookies, pastries and cakes. Besides Carnival Sales is just around the corner. Tee hee.

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