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Day 7: Last Day @ KK

This is my final KK Travelogue post. Quite a boring one.

28th March 2007 Wednesday (Day 7) Last Day

The last day of our KK trip was the worst of all plainly because our entire body aches like hell especially our legs (what else?)! Toilet visiting is a pain in the ass. The moment we’re into the action of sitting or squatting down, we would be screaming for help. It is the same story for walking and climbing stairs.

Hehe so if anyone of you are planning a trip to climb Mount Kinabalu, make sure you enjoy other activities first before making the climb. Believe me, you won’t ‘larat’ go anywhere after coming down.

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Day 6: Climbing Mount Kinabalu Low’s Peak

Beware: Long post!

27th March 2007 Tuesday (Day 6) Part I

Weee! This is it baby! Low’s Peak here we come!

We woke up at 1.30am. Hahaha crazy eh? It was very cold. I just simply gargle my mouth because the chilly water was stinging my mouth. I couldn’t squat or sit properly too because what else? LEGS PAIN!

I wore the same clothing as when I went to sleep the night before: 4 layers of tops (3+1 additional more), 2 layers of pants and 3 layers of socks. We had instant noodle and chocolate for brekkie. Gotta boil our own water.

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Day 5: Climbing Mount Kinabalu (Part II)

Beware: Long post!

26th March 2007 Monday (Day 5) Part II

Finally, we passed the 4km mark at 3hours 45mins after departing from Timpohon Gate.

Timpohon Gate to 4km: 8.38am-12.23pm (2745m a.s.l).

From here onward, the trail are much more steeper and thus it took VERY long time to climb. So long that we reached the 5km mark after 1hour 20mins or 5hours 5mins from Timpohon Gate.

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Day 5: Climbing Mount Kinabalu (Part I)

Beware: Long post

26th March 2007 Monday (Day 5) Part I

Climbing Day!!!!!

We had our breakfast at 7am. While waiting for the food to arrive we went to the dining hall balcony. This balcony has one of the best Mount Kinabalu view. Don’t trust me? This is the proof:

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