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Melbourne Day 7 & 8: Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, Yarra River & Goodbye

This is the last travel post of my Australia trip. Fhewww finally finished writing it after 2 months plus (a total of 16 posts hehehe).

I felt much better on day 7. Nausea… gone 98%. YippeaiiOOOO

Our breakfast was at Cafe Andiamo in Degraves Street; a cool place which we found yesterday during our car parking adventure in Manchester Lane.

Degraves Street @ Melbourne CBD, Victoria
Degraves Street.
If you want to soak in the Melbourne lifestyle this is the place!

After our fulfilling brekkie we head to the post office in Manchester Lane. Then we walked to Flinders Street Station to get tram tickets.

On Board Tram @ Melbourne CBD, Victoria
On board the tram. We’re heading to Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne which is about 10 minutes away from Flinders Street Station by tram.

Weather on day 7 was quite gloomy. A little rain here and there.

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne @ Melbourne, Victoria
Taken outside of Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.
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Melbourne Day 6: Return Car, Hook Turn & Elephant Backpacker

Note: This post has the least photos of all my travelogue posts!!! (kekeke) But it will have me babbling long winded. (hahaha)

The next morning, I woke up and drink some of the water I boiled yesterday night. Ate leftovers from yesterday’s dinner for first breakfast. Not long after I had stomachache and nausea. My sis had the same thing except the water so I knew something must be wrong with the water. More over the water tasted funny when I drank it but choose to just ignored it. Haha (so now kena!)

After checked out, we bought our second breakfast at the restaurant just outside Geelong Riverview Tourist Park; mine is toasted chicken & avocado sandwich AUD5.50. However I could only afford a bite. The wanna-vomit feeling is still there.

Still we proceed to Geelong post office. Sending postcards and letters are a must! Then we head back to Melbourne. Lost our way somehow near Lorimer Street. And I went into Kraft office to ask for direction. Hahaha The directions given were easy to understand but when we come face to face with the road, everything’s different. Having GPS at this stage didn’t help at all. So we just used our 6th sense to navigate the roads. And what do you know? We found our way back to Melbourne!!! Wohoooo

Our plan when we reach Melbourne was to park our car and check-in at Elephant Backpacker (just a few doors away from Flinders Street Station) since we have about 4 luggage with us. Then we will return the car at Franklin Street.

But guess what? We reached Wurundjeri Way at 12pm. Navigating our way to Flinders Street Station took us nearly 1 hour. (normal traffic would need about 10 minutes only!) That’s how bad the ‘lunch’ jam was. Finding a cheap car park is also another problem. In the end we settled for an underground parking near Manchester Lane (AOC Car Park). The parking area was so small and tight that there was no room for proper parking. We handed our car key to the parking attendant (in case another car need to leave) ~ first time doing this.

Once done with the check-in and storing our luggage in the room, we quickly head back to get our car. If I’m not mistaken 1/2 hour car park rate is about AUD9.00. Since we took more than 1/2 hour to settle our stuff, the rate became AUD15.00 (1 hour rate)!!! (~RM45) The most expensive parking fee I’ve ever paid in my life! Hahaha Even without converting, it’s still expensive for me.

We need to have the car in full tank before returning to Hertz. On the way we experienced our first hook turn.
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Geelong Self-Drive Day 5: Geelong Riverview Tourist Park & Waterfront

First thing we did once we reached Geelong is to check-in at Geelong Riverview Tourist Park, our accommodation for the night.

Geelong Riverview Tourist Park @ Geelong, Victoria
Entrance to Geelong Riverview Tourist Park (located by the Barwon River).

Our Holiday Cabin @ Geelong Riverview Tourist Park, Geelong
At first I wanted to look for cottage accommodation but the idea of living in a holiday cabin is more exciting (don’t you think so?). We only see this kind of accommodation in TV. Now it’s time to experience it ourself.

Our Holiday Cabin and Rented Car @ Geelong Riverview Tourist Park, Geelong
Our holiday cabin that comes with a car park! AUD75.00/night is not bad. This cabin can actually accommodate up to 6 person.
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Princetown Road-Colac-Geelong Self-Drive Day 5: Apostle Whey Cheese, Cute Towns, Greeneries & Hello Geelong!

Let’s continue with my Australia travelogue shall we? I’ll try to complete it this month.

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A little away from Gibson Step is the turning to Princetown Road (C166). That’s the start of our inland journey home.

To Colac Via Princetown Road, Victoria
Amazing ya!

Lambs @ Princetown Road, Victoria
We saw lots of sheep, cows and some horses.
All in all it was a pleasant drive. Straight-forward with infinite greenery and hills.

Apostle Whey Cheese @ Cooriemungle, Victoria
About 20 minutes later we reached Apostles Whey Cheese (hand-made cheese, free cheese tasting).
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