Harvesting & Using Finished Compost In Garden

Currently, I utilize 3 types of composting system in my home and only one of them need harvesting that is bottle composting while the other two (piece by piece composting and dig & bury aka pit composting) don’t need harvesting as they decompose on and in the soils.

Compost In Bottle Composting System
Finished compost in bottle composting system. My soils and plants will be so delighted!

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Vitamins For My Plants

What do you feed your plants? Besides sunshine, water, air and love that is. 🌞πŸ₯€πŸŒ¬οΈπŸ’•

I used to feed my plants with store-bought fertilizers but not anymore. FYI, the ones I used were organic and non-organic kinds. I always find store-bought fertilizers come with an extremely strong chemical smell. So it makes me wonder whether I should keep using these chemical-laden fertilizers? My instinct said no. And so, I ditched the store-bought fertilizers including store-bought animal’s manure (the manure smells like manure though) 2 years+ ago. From then on I make my own vitamins to supplement my plants. I prefer to call it vitamins instead of fertilizers though.

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3 Easy Compost Systems

About two+ CNYs ago, I finally said to myself “What the he!!, I can’t wait anymore. I’ll just start now.” I’m talking about composting.

My first composting experience was way-way back, and since then I have been waiting for the right time to start again. As I work on my 2nd composting project, I realized I needn’t any special equipment or location after all. It has always been there. All I need is to just start and the path will show its way. I’m so grateful that I followed the voice inside me because it has been wonderful so far.

Materials For Compost

Over time, I began experimenting with other composting methods. I didn’t start all at once when I began. It was in stages and unplanned. I just thought it might be good to try other techniques. So far, I’m using 3 compost systems without spending any money!

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A Short History On My First Composting Project

I was the one and only composter in the family back then.

I don’t remember when, but it’s certainly more than a decade ago. It could be 2 decades. I’m not sure. It was way before having Chester and before we renovate our porch.

I compost the usual stuff: kitchen scraps, dried leaves, twigs and newspaper (I cringed at this now; gah toxic ink!).

My compost bin was located at the corner of the front porch. It’s not shaded, totally open to the sun and rain. The compost bin is an earthenware pot/crock with dragon motifs (also known as tempayan naga). Since it’s an earthenware, I couldn’t make holes on the sides. I used a wood board to cover the top and aerated the compost with a stick from time to time.

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Chitty Chatty

When Food Becomes My Addiction

“Please hide the cookies. Don’t let me see or hear where you hide it.” says me.

“Please put the bread out of my sight. Better yet, don’t buy la. It’s processed bread. No good one.” I say. And yet, I still sneakily eat it especially when nobody’s around.

“Ok, eat just a bit.” I say. A little while later, “Ok, I’m eating just a bit nia.” I say.

“Ok, last one!” I say. A little while later, the hand grab for more.

“Why do you finish it, and don’t leave some for us?” says sister *points to junk food Haha

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