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LEGO Star Wars Watch

My sis got me another present during her training stint. The first one was a Joby Gorillapod. My 2nd present is a LEGO Star Wars watch!

It’s a LEGO watch where you get to build/connect the watch bands in any pattern you like. Simple as that… very a little childish I know but what the heck you can’t find it here because it comes with Star Wars characters. πŸ˜›

I may be a Luke Skywalker & Yoda ‘fansi’ and I don’t care if you give me anything with Darth Vader on it.

Ok actually I care. Choosing Darth Vader means stepping nearer to the dark side. LOL But aiya what to do, sis asked me to hurry up as the LEGO shop was closing soon. So I said OK Darth Vader lo (since Luke Skywalker one is not that nice – according to her)

Cute box.
Do you know that I have a Lego Darth Vader (similar to the one on this box)?
Come read my funny short post about Star Wars and along the way you will see it.

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