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My Retired Samsung S3

This is absolutely yet another LATE POST. Just for my reference and/or to help those that are facing these issues.

My Samsung S3 (9th handphone) started having some issues around 1.5 to 2 years ago (perhaps circa mid year of 2016). Actually few months after I blogged about this handphone, it started lagging noticeably, but I hold on to it. I gotta make my money worth!

Ok, so the issues I had with my Samsung S3:
1. Battery draining very fast. I suspected this was due to an app that I downloaded. It was so bad that I had to reset the phone to factory setting few times. Battery life improved a bit but I still need to charge the phone almost twice daily. I even bought a new battery, but no help there.
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Samsung Galaxy S3 – My 9th Handphone

Just when the news hit that Samsung Galaxy S4 has arrived our shore, I knew it’s time. But still not the right time as my old BlackBerry is still functional. Well, until that fateful day when I let loose of the phone and everything ended there.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Back

So I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 in white! Oh you read correct and it’s not a typo mistake. 🙂 S4 is just not within my budget because I refuse to pay so much for a phone. Hahaha Of course owning the latest phone is a nice feeling. Galaxy S3 suit me perfectly fine in the wallet since I know it’s going to get a price drop after S4 came in. Hehehe
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Sayonara To BlackBerry Curve 8520

I bade goodbye to my BlackBerry Curve 8520 this early August after 3 years. It was my 8th handphone and secretly I’m glad to let it go.

At first one of the side button starts to peel off, then one by one other buttons follow suit. I’m guessing it’s either my toxic sweat or the ‘rubbery’ material are worn. Since I seldom use those buttons, I was fine with it. Then the side panels made of the same material came off. And I’m still fine with it. I dropped the phone many times (Not purposely la. I’m a klutzy person) and yet the BB still function well.

Sayonara Blackberry
Buttons missing and now all you can see is the button sensors.
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You thought I would just stop with 2 Golla products? As a matter of fact I did. Haha This 3rd Golla product, a GPS bag was purchased by my sis. It’s a real cutie.

My sis took a very very long time contemplating (how long? even after I’ve bought my 2 bags) whether to buy this one or another one which is larger in size called the Day Tripper L. In the end she chooses this one because she only wants to fit the GPS in the bag. Day Tripper L is good if you want to keep accessories or other stuffs.

Golla GPS Bag: DAY TRIPPER S Purple G881

Again I love the design.
Padded body.

Side view. Cun?

Golla GPS Bag DAY TRIPPER S Compartment
It has an inside pocket with velcro closing.

Fit very nicely. 🙂

Price = RM40 (now this I think is expensive haha)
Retail price = perhaps double (didn’t really notice; busy shopping hehe)

Do check out my Golla Laptop Backpack and Golla Camera (Lens) Bag which I think is really a BARGAIN!!! 😛

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Golla Laptop Backpack FESTIVAL

Golla Laptop Backpack FESTIVAL
Padded backside.

I bought my first laptop late last December. However until now my laptop has no clothes to wear. Haha Do you know what I mean? It means I don’t have a laptop bag.

Well, after Saturday I’m proud to announce my laptop is nude no more (borrow the famous quote from Threadless). LOL

After getting a Golla camera bag for my camera lens I went to look for a laptop bag. At first I thought of getting a Targus backpack but after looking at a few Golla laptop backpacks I decided to get another Golla product. They are after all much more prettier (not the boring black) and besides they’re cheaper compared to Targus. Plus I love the funky designs and bold colors used in Golla bags.

This bag is actually a 2008 collection but ahh I don’t care. As long as I like the design. 🙂

My Golla Laptop Backpack: FESTIVAL Brown 15.4″ G369

At first I wasn’t very keen on the shape of this backpack because it looks a bit like a turtle shell.

Golla Laptop Backpack FESTIVAL
Say hello to Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles (TNMT)! Haha But this laptop backpack looks really slim which is something I really want. I hate those bulky type ones.

Golla Laptop Backpack FESTIVAL Compartments
It has 3 compartments. First compartment consist of several see-through pockets with zippers. Second compartment is suitable for keeping files and books. I can even fit my DSLR camera in here. Laptop backpack = camera backpack. Not bad.

Golla Laptop Backpack FESTIVAL Laptop Compartment
The third is a side and padded compartment which is for laptop. It fits a 15.4″ laptop. Mine’s 14″ fit just nice with a little space to spare. So I wonder. Can it fits a 15.4″ laptop seriously? I dunno.

At the handle top is another small compartment.

Golla Laptop Backpack FESTIVAL Zips
Love the bent zipper edge.

Golla Laptop Backpack FESTIVAL
Most important, I love the ‘swirling’ design.

I was looking at another similar backpack which is red in color with the same flower design as my Golla lens bag but decided against it. Brown is good. It’s not attention-grabber. Haha

Price = RM125
(retail price between RM199-RM250)

Yee haa to bargain! 🙂