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Osaka Day 2: Osaka Station, Kuromon Market & Dotonbori

Check out Osaka Day 1: Ana Crowne Plaza & Sennichimae Doguyasuji if you have not.

Alert! Very long post…

I woke up rather early on day 2 in Osaka. 6.30am to be precised. For breakfast, I ate sweet potato bread from Takaki Bakery (bought from 7-11 the previous day; so yummy!) and sencha (complimentary from hotel). The best part? Enjoying the morning window view while having breakfast. At 11am, we ride the free Ana shuttle bus to Osaka Station.

Dojima River @ Osaka
This is Dojima River. Taken from bus. If we were to walk to subway, this is one of the routes.

Dojima River & Nakanoshima @ Osaka
The buildings on the left are at Nakanoshima, a narrow island just like Île de la Cité, Paris (as mentioned in day 1 post). And that’s Dojima River. Since the subway and train stations are nearby, there are many salaryman walking here.

Autumn In Osaka
Driving on a carpet of golden ginkgo leaves! 💗

Osaka Station
We arrived in Osaka Station at 11.25am. Why are we back at Osaka Station (since we arrived here yesterday from Kansai Airport?) Well, we have a couple of missions to accomplish here.

First up was to fill up our stomach at Kiji, an okonomiyaki place that were awarded with Bib Gourmand by Michelin Guide. Finding this place was difficult but thankfully a Japanese man helped us. Click the link to read about the story and my review.

We also sampled some anpan (Japanese sweet bread) from Kokoroniamai Anpanya after our yummy lunch at Kiji.

Next, we head to JR ticket office to buy advance Shinkansen tickets for our soon-to-come trip (Kyoto to Mishima). We could actually buy the tickets on the day we travel but I prefer buying in advance… for peace of mind and also because we wanted to make sure we get to sit together. The best thing is, they allow you to change the departure time (only once) in case you have change of plan. So win-win.

Lockers @ Osaka Station
There are plenty of lockers at Osaka Station. They come in 3 sizes priced at 300 yen, 500 yen and 700 yen for the largest locker. You can pay with coins, banknote or ICOCA card.

Moomin Shop @ Lucua, Osaka
Our 3rd mission was to visit the Moomin shop. I’m not a fan but my sis is. But I do find the characters cute especially Moomintroll.

Moomin Shop @ Lucua, Osaka
And since I’m there might as well get some Moomin souvenir for myself. LOL

Daniel @ Lucua, Osaka
We also stopped by Daniel ダニエル ルクア店 for some canelé (108 yen each) – so-so only…

Tsujiri @ Eki Marche Osaka, Osaka
and Tsujiri 辻利 for soft-serve ice-cream. It’s located at Ebi Marche (in Osaka Station). This one is called Tsujiri soft-serve ice-cream kyo-parfait; comes with matcha soft-serve, mochi, sweet bean paste and brown sugar syrup. Though I think they forgot the brown sugar syrup in this one. LOL. Cost 594 yen.

While waiting for Ana shuttle bus (frequency 30 mins) outside Osaka Station, we check out the nearby area.

Osaka Station
Heaps of people crossing over to Osaka Station. This station is operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) hence you see the JR initial.

Osaka Station
Osaka Station.

Autumn Gold Ginkgo Leaves @ Osaka
My first time touching ginkgo leaves. I saved these. 💝

Golden Ginkgo Trees @ Osaka
A rainbow wall and golden ginkgo trees. So pretty!

Golden Ginkgo Trees @ Osaka
Blue sky and yellow-gold ginkgo leaves.

Post Box Near Osaka Station
Post box near Osaka Station.

Koban @ Osaka
Koban is a police station. Saw this on the way back to hotel while riding the 3.15pm shuttle bus.

After resting a bit we came out again at around 4.20pm and walked to Yodoyabashi Station (subway).

Ginkgo Tree In Front Of Bank Of Japan Osaka Branch @ Osaka
A humongous ginkgo tree in front of Bank of Japan (Osaka branch), Nakanoshima island. This is the scene we get on the way to Yodoyabashi Station.

Ginkgo Tree In Front Of Bank Of Japan Osaka Branch @ Osaka
I love the architecture of the Bank Of Japan 日本銀行大阪支店. This stretch of walkway is my favorite and I enjoyed walking pass here for 3 days. If I’m not mistaken, this building is no longer in use and tourist can visit this building (by appointment). The new Bank of Japan is behind it.

Post Box Beside Bank Of Japan Osaka Branch @ Osaka
A very old post box just beside Bank Of Japan.

Riding The Subway Train At Midosuji Line @ Osaka
On board the subway train. Took the last car.

We arrived at Namba Station and walked to Kuromon Market.

Evening At Midosuji Avenue @ Osaka
This is the 4.50pm view of Midosuji Avenue and it’s lined with ginkgo trees all the way from Yodoyabashi Station to Namba Station. During the day, you can enjoy the golden ginkgo trees view while at night, the trees are illuminated with lights.

Kuromon Market @ Osaka
Kuromon Market 黒門市場, 7am-6pm daily. It’s a very old covered market selling seafood, vegetables, clothes, grocery, raw and cooked food. There are also restaurants in there.

Kuromon Market @ Osaka
We arrived here at 5pm and the market closes at 6pm. With only 1 hour to see everything, we quicken our pace and visited every nook and corner. Some stalls have already closed for the day. Still it was an enjoyable visit.

Kuromon Market @ Osaka
Clockwise from top left: beautiful looking fruits, horseradish (wasabi) and super expensive mushrooms, yummy mochi (rice cakes) and a shop selling household items.

Kuromon Market @ Osaka
Clockwise from top left: I think those are edible flowers (top photos), a florist and lastly a shop selling quail egg stuffed in octopus and also unagi.

Kuromon Market @ Osaka
We spent the most time at the supermarket on the right called Kuromon Nakagawa 黒門中川. There are many locals shopping here.

Kuromon Market @ Osaka
Fresh food at Kuromon Nakagawa. We bought figs and persimmons. If you squint your eyes, you can see white strawberry on the top right photo.

White Strawberries @ Kuromon Market, Osaka
White strawberries 白いいちご @ 4500 yen per pack. This one is from another stall. The first time ever we saw live white strawberry.

White Strawberries at Kuromon Nakagawa @ Kuromon Market, Osaka
And these white strawberries are from Kuromon Nakagawa @ 2980 yen per pack. Cheaper by a lot right? We were contemplating whether to get these or not. Problem was because we didn’t know how to read Japanese we thought the 4500 yen above is for two packs. Therefore 2980 yen for one packet is expensive.

White Strawberries at Kuromon Nakagawa @ Kuromon Market, Osaka
Close up of the white strawberry. Also because we read these are Nara’s white strawberry, we figured we can get ’em cheaper in Nara. But in the end we didn’t see any in Nara. LOL. Lesson of the day… just buy it! 2980 yen for one packet which has about 18 pieces of white strawberry. Each strawberry cost about RM6.60. Considered okay la since it’s a really rare variety. Right?

Dotonbori @ Osaka
We left Kuromon Market at 6pm and walked to Dotonbori.

Dotonbori @ Osaka
What a busy place. So many things to eat here. And the signboards are indeed attraction of their own.

Shochikugeino Kadoza-Hiroba @ Dotonbori, Osaka
This is Shochikugeino Kadoza-Hiroba. Sort of like hawker stalls style when I looked at it. But turns out there are more to it. There’s disco at night and Kadoza theater according to the official Dotonbori website.

Chestnut Roasting Machine @ Dotonbori, Osaka
Chestnut roasting machine. Even though it’s chestnut season, they are still expensive. It’s 270g for 1080 yen (about RM40) here.

Dotonbori @ Osaka
Dotonbori is ❤️

Signboards @ Dotonbori, Osaka
The many large signboards at Dotonbori.

Crabs @ Dotonbori, Osaka
Crabs!!! My sis wanted to eat crabs but she is kinda stingy wanted to save money. In the end she didn’t eat any at all throughout this trip and came back and kept fussing me with “I shall have eaten it!”. Lesson no. 2… just eat whatever you want in Japan!

We had dinner at Ganso Kushikatsu Daruma, a kushikatsu restaurant. What’s kushikatsu? Think deep-fried food in skewer. Click the link for my review. Then we tried two takoyaki shops called Creo-Ru and Kukuru.

Dotonbori @ Osaka
Another Dotonbori signboard with Midosuji Avenue in between us.

Dotonbori @ Osaka


Finally we reached the highlight of Dotonbori. For my case, seeing these large LED signboards particularly the Glico Man signboard tells me I’m really in Osaka, baby!

Dotonbori @ Osaka
Yup, many people here and everyone wanted to pose with the signboards. We didn’t explore further as it was 8.40pm… shops will be closing soon (most closes at 9pm).

Shinsaibashi-Suji @ Osaka
This is Shinsaibashi-Suji (located just opposite the photo before this one). It’s a covered shopping street and my-oh-my… can you see the throng of people in there?

Pablo @ Osaka
But before we leave, we spotted Pablo, the famous cheese tart shop at Dotonbori. Queued 14 minutes for it.

Pablo Cheese Tart @ Osaka
Pablo mini @ 200 yen per piece.

Pablo Cheese Tart @ Osaka
Oh yes I love it! As you can see it’s a little wet inside (distinct feature of Pablo). The cheese itself is pleasant.

To go back to Yodoyabashi Station from Shinsaibashi Station, we walked into Shinsaibashi-Suji and thankfully and also unfortunately by that time, most shops have closed and the crowds have dispersed. Unfortunately because I wanted to visit Daimaru. Stopped by 7-11 again to buy breakfast for tomorrow.

That’s it for day 2.
Stay tuned for day 3. A different adventure!

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      Hi Foong, tourist spots ma. As long as you’re not a cheese tart/cake fan, it’s okay to skip it.

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