용감한가족 Brave Family

Anyone watched Brave Family? I did and I enjoyed this Korean variety show very much.

What it’s about?
A group of celebrities become virtual family members and learn to adapt their new lifestyles in foreign lands. Sound easy right? But it ain’t man!

Here are the casts of Brave Family:
Lee Moon Sik as father
Shim Hye Jin as mother
Kang Min Hyuk as son
Choi Jung Won as eldest daughter (episode 1 – 5)
Kim Seol Hyun as youngest daughter
Park Myeong Su as uncle
Park Joo Mi as uncle’s wife (episode 6 – 10)

From episode 1 to 5, the virtual family lives at the floating village of Mechrey at Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia. I’ve seen Tonle Sap in documentaries and Amazing Race but I have never considered the life of people living there until Brave Family went through them. It was shitty difficult. Water was so sacred even though they are living on water. Their livelihood depends on it as the fishermen of Tonle Sap. They pee, poo and even bath on the same lake. As difficult as it sounds, the life there was simple. Children at very young age learn to swim, row boat and help their families. The Brave Family had to earn money themselves in order to survive, that means fishing for the men while the ladies tend to their nest and prepare nutritious food for their men which is difficult when you have little money.

Episode 6 to 10 took place at Khok Saat salt village in Laos. This was my first time hearing about a salt village in Laos. Although life here was better than in Tonle Sap, the virtual family had to learn how to make salt from the sweltering salt water pan. There is another method to harvest salt which is much easier by depending on nature to dry the salt. So the men spent the days lighting fire to heat the salt water pan, wait for the water to evaporate and harvest the salt while the ladies tend to their temporary house, livestocks and make yummy food for the guys.

Rowing boats at Mechrey, Tonle Sap.

Water is scared here in Tonle Sap. This is how you wash your dishes.

This small boy from Mechrey is chopping firewoods for Min Hyuk because he finds it difficult. Haha

At the salt factory.

The very brave Seol Hyun is shoveling cow dung at Khok Saat salt village. The cow dung can be sold to make money.

Why I love Brave Family?
It’s a very different variety show from the norm. You just have to watch it to experience it. I can’t tell you how many times conflicts arose and how many tears had formed. The time they laughed and the time they shared the hardships… it was all worth it in the end because they found the meaning of happiness. I love all the family members particularly Seol Hyun. She is just too cute and brave. I said that even though I’m a girl. Overall it was an eye-opening show for me and I would love to experience both places myself if given the chance.

Unfortunately Brave Family…
1. Only has 10 episodes. Boo hooo. I want more!!!
2. The show has officially ended at KBSWorld. Sob sob

But never fear. You can watch all the Brave Family episodes here from KBSWorld official YouTube channel.

Tell me if you like it. 🙂

Photos from KBS.

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  • Reply foongpc May 23, 2015 at 1:43 am

    Interesting show. Something like a reality show? I have been to Tonle Sap. Honestly, I don’t think I can survive there! LOL

    • Reply Che-Cheh May 23, 2015 at 10:05 pm

      Hi Foongpc, yeah sort of. Life is hard there ya.

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