Banana Peel Water Fertilizer

The next time you eat bananas 🍌🍌🍌, KEEP the peels and stems for they can be turned into fertilizer and benefit your plants and soils. Let me share with you how to make banana peel water fertilizer. It’s very easy & no frill.

Finished Banana Peel Water Fertilizer
Finished banana peel water fertilizer. 🍌❀️🍌

I discovered this banana peel water fertilizer by chance (forgotten where) and have been using it since then. Before learning this method, I have been using the 3 compost systems to compost banana peels and stems. You can read about the 3 easy compost systems here. Now, I get to make fertilizer out of the peels and stems first before composting them. Double joy! πŸ’ž

How To Make Banana Peel Water Fertilizer

Banana Peels & Stem
Banana peels and stem. The reason I have quite a number of banana peels at once is that I usually buy a bunch of bananas and freeze most of them at one go. If you only have a couple of peels, you can still make this fertilizer. Just add the peels to the container as you eat the bananas.

Place Banana Peels & Stem In Plastic Containers
Place banana peels and stem in plastic containers of any size. There are no rules as to how many peels or stems you must fit into a container. I divide them into two containers, so that I can make more banana peels water fertilizer. You can also cut the peel smaller but I like to use the whole peel as it’s easier to handle.

Add Water To The Banana Peels Container
Add water into the containers. Again, no rules as to how much water you must add. I add it almost to the brim with about 1-inch room to spare. If you eat bananas as you go, you will be adding the peels whenever you have them, so fill the water only half or to cover. When you’re done adding the peels and stems, you can fill the water up.

The Making Of Banana Peel Water Fertilizer
Screw the lid like normal aka tight and let it sit at room temperature away from sunlight for 7 days. If you’re adding the peels little by little, start counting from the day when you no longer add new peels to it.

The Making Of Banana Peel Water Fertilizer
Notice that the water is clear at the start.

Finished Banana Peel Water Fertilizer
This is the finished banana peel water fertilizer a week later and the liquid is now murky yellowish.

Finished Banana Peel Water Fertilizer
Finished banana peel water fertilizer ready to nourish the garden. 🌿🌺πŸͺ΄

How To Use Finished Banana Peel Water Fertilizer?

First, pour the liquid fertilizer into a watering can/container+scoop for easy distribution while keeping the used banana peels and stem in the plastic container. You just want the liquid. If you have left the peels whole, this will be easy to isolate. If you have cut the peels into smaller sizes, you will need to use a sieve.

You can then water around your plants with it undiluted. Because I have lots of plants, I always dilute it by eyeballing. As long as the dilution is enough for all my plants, that’s good. If you couldn’t use the banana peel water fertilizer all at once, you can keep the leftover in a bottle container.

Let’s Make Another Batch Of Banana Peel Water Fertilizer & Another! Plus, What To Do With The Used Peels+Stems?

For the used banana peels and stems in the plastic container, you will add water to it and make another round of banana peel water fertilizer. Follow back the same method. When you’re done with this 2nd batch of banana peel water fertilizer making, you can still continue it to make the 3rd batch. If not, you can then compost the peels and stems (whether whole or cut). Everything goes back to the earth ya. 🌏

On Timing

One note on the 1-week timing. Sometimes when I’m lazy or full of procrastination, I will only harvest it over a month later. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ By then, there are layers of white stuff (most probably is kahm yeast – not harmful) on the liquid surface. I didn’t remove them and use everything. As long as there is no black/red/orange/other weird color stuff on it, you can use the banana peel liquid fertilizer.

As you can see, making banana peel water fertilizer is very easy. It’s easier than DIY eco-enzyme because it takes less effort and way less time. The wonderful thing about using this banana peel water fertilizer 🍌❀️ is that your plants will love you, your plants will love it and they will thrive. 🌿🌿🌿

Give it a try!

p/s: Curious to know what else I feed my plants? Check out the Vitamins For My Plants post for the details.

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