My ❤️ Plant

LOVE Plant

Can you see it?

Let me share the story of how this heart plant came to be.

I have a beautiful yellow wooden frame that is no longer in use. This wooden frame came from my very personal treasure. Because it’s something very dear to me, I didn’t want to throw it away. I figured it would be nice to repurpose it as a picture frame for this plant. My intention is to make the branches curl around the frame. Thus, I started shaping the plants couple of weeks back, without realizing I’m actually making a ❤️ heart aka love. I only saw the ❤️ few days ago when I really open my eyes! 🤪

I’m super proud of this living heart art plant that I created. And that I was able to give the yellow frame a new life purpose.

Hope this post gives you an idea on how to salvage unwanted woods or other unwanted things, and turn them into something useful and beautiful. Go for the 6R: refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle, rot!

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