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Year Of Dog 2018 @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang

Kong Hei Fatt Choy!!!
Woof woof wooF!!! 🐕🐶

I did something record-breaking today. I visited my favorite local Kuan Yin Temple (known as Kuan Yin Teng in Hokkien) on 1st day of CNY, which is really really rare! Hahaha Even after countless of visits, I always find this temple extremely beautiful. Tucked at the corner of a busy and famous roundabout in Klang town, Kuan Yin Teng is the place to find peace and calmness. So glad I have this piece of treasure in my hometown. In fact, in just under 1km radius, there are 1 mosque, 1 surau, 2 Indian temples and 2 churches as well. God, I love my town!

I took my DSLR with me, knowing I will always find many things that charm me there. Allow me to share my snaps with you all.

Prayer's Lotus Candles @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Prayer’s lotus candles. Love the angle. The evening sun were quite harsh. I have to tone down the saturation.

Prayer's Lotus Candles @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Same location but different angle. It was a warm and humid 1st day of CNY.

Horse Bronze Statue @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
A cute horse statue made of bronze nearby.

Lotus Bud @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Lotus bud 💗

Colorful Flowers @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Colorful flowers offered by worshipers to Kuan Yin are placed in vases. Those that need the flowers for cleanse ritual (bath in flower water), will pick ’em to bring home.

Beautiful Hundred Year Old Wall @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
This is part of the old temple wall of over a hundred year! FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!!! (gotta shout)

Incense Burner @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Full house incense burner.

Fire Pit @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
After praying is complete, we will burn the kim (joss paper) in this fire pit.

Tortoise Concrete Statue @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
CNY-ready tortoise statue near a koi pond.

Flying Pigeon @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Greeted by two low flying pigeons at the koi pond. Finally, I was able to capture one of them. They both ended up resting on the Kuan Yin statue’s head and shoulder (this pigeon) respectively at the pond.

Koi Heaven @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
God, so many koi. And they are so pretty!

Exquisite Marble Stool @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Then I chanced upon these marble stools. Wow…

Exquisite Marble Stool @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Just look at the patterns and colors.

Dog Figurines For Year Of Dog @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Dog figurines since it’s the year of dog. Gotta snap this.

Dog Figurines For Year Of Dog @ Kuan Yin Temple, Klang
Lots of kids and adults posing with ’em figurines.

I saw a mongrel snoozing away at the incense storage area when I first got there. When I went back later, he was nowhere to be found. I then saw him outside of the temple.

That’s all from my snaps. Hope you enjoyed them. 😉

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  • Reply Dawn March 5, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Hope you had a blast during CNY! Nothing beats CNY back in M’sia with all the fire crackers.

    Awesome pics! The last three pics, yes, they are my fav 🙂 So darn cute!

    • Reply Che-Cheh March 6, 2018 at 11:17 am

      Hi Dawn, This year’s CNY was better than previous year, all because of change of perception. Hope you had a blast as well. There were less firecrackers this year, maybe due to poor economy.

      Haha yup those dogs figurines are ❤️!

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