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Shanghai Day 4: Tianzifang

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This is officially our last full day in Shanghai, so we took it easy. We reached Tianzifang 田子坊 via Dapuqiao metro stop (with 3 metro changes) at 10am. Like Xintiandi, Tianzifang is made of shops and restaurant from Shanghainese’ Shikumen (real home of Shanghai people). While Xintiandi is more upscale and modern, Tianzifang still retain some of its olden days charm with windings alleyways off Taikang Lu. Tianzifang’s tiny alleys remind me of Venice a little bit minus the canal. Go without a map and try to get lost while maneuvering the alleys!

Tianzifang is also the place for souvenir. Make sure you bargain. If it doesn’t work, just walk away. Some might call you back. While some will not, you will find similar souvenir easily at another shop.

Entrance To Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Entrance to Tianzifang. Several entrances to Tianzifang look quite similar to this. Make sure you know where you’re coming from.

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Hi, I’m at Tianzifang 田子坊!

Very early on, I saw a Shikumen house among all the shops. I think it was no longer occupied. It was a bit unsightly therefore I’m not showing it here. At least I get to see what it’s like inside the house.

Teddy Bear Thailand Restaurant at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Teddy Bear Thailand Restaurant. Can you see a giant teddy bear saying hi from the balcony?

Teddy Bear Thailand Restaurant at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Too bad the place was still close.

Teddy Bear Thailand Restaurant at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Cute chairs! I want to bring a set home. Can? Haha

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Lanes and more lanes!

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
So many things to buy here. Arts, clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, etc.

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Then we have restaurants of many cuisines.

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Cute ways to recycle the bottles.

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Cute hanging plant pots.

12 An Old Well at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
An old well in Tianzifang.

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Some of the alleys are this narrow while some are wider.

Just before noon, my friend recommended a cool restaurant to us for some snacking. It’s called Cafe Dan. Read on to find out why I was choking blood! After an hour of rest in the restaurant, we carried on…

Cute Stools at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Very cute stools and I bet it’s expensive!

Map of Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Map of Tianzifang.

Cute Board at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Cute board by one of the shop.

Taiwan Waffle for Lunch at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
At nearly 2pm, I was feeling hungry but my friends doesn’t want to have lunch in restaurant so I just resort to takeaway waffle. 🙁 Either they still felt the pain from Cafe Dan or they were really not hungry?!

Chocolate Waffles at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
My sis ordered chocolate waffles. This Taiwanese waffle freeze their batter and then use an ice-cream scoop to place the batter in the waffle maker. Weird and unique!

Corn Waffles at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
My corn waffle. The thing about this waffle is that it’s so chewy. I hate it so much at first but the more I ate it, the more I love it. At last I got addicted to it. Wish I bought more. Haha

Shikumen House at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Then we chanced on another part of lane with Shikumen house. I think these still have occupants.

Shikumen House at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
I couldn’t remember which lane it is, you just have to take your chances.

Cute Decoration at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Cute decoration on the tree.

Letter Box Decoration at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Pretty letter boxes decoration.

White Window at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Beautiful window at Tianzifang.

White Window & Bicycles  at Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
A cool restaurant.

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
This is Tianzifang.

Tianzifang @ Shanghai, China
Another type of entrance to Tianzifang.

By 3pm, we finished our Tianzifang tour and head to our final destination of the day which is our friend’s condo. Remember we have a Malaysian friend staying in Shanghai with her hubby? We went there to visit her and her baby. We ended up having dinner there as she has a part-time Shanghainese cook.

When we got back to East Nanjing Road metro, all of us head to Nanjing Road again. For them, they went there for shopping, for sis and me we went there to sample xiaolongbao! (Ahh finallllllyyyy!!!)

That’s it for day 4.

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  • Reply foongpc October 8, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    Tianzifang looks like a charming place! I don’t mind getting lost here LOL!

    • Reply Che-Cheh October 8, 2013 at 10:09 pm

      Getting lost here is better than Venice because this place is much smaller. You will find your way back rather easily. 🙂

  • Reply Dawn October 11, 2013 at 9:41 pm

    Very interesting place..wish I knew about this place. This is what I like visiting new places….try to check out the local houses which reminds me of those Hutongs my mom and I visited…some were very undesirable.

    • Reply Che-Cheh October 11, 2013 at 9:59 pm

      Yes Tianzifang is an exciting place… so much more than Xintiandi.

      I’ve been to Hutong’s toilet in Beijing. I couldn’t see anything because my specs broke. But I knew there were $hit everywhere. Worst and best experience on a very unlucky night. LOL

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