Nokia 6 – My 10th Handphone

After retiring my Samsung S3, I went on a handphone witch-hunt. Among the brands that I considered were Huawei, Motorola and Sony but eventually I choose my first love… NOKIA! Since the model that I’m interested in had not been released yet, so I waited and waited and waited. I used my mom’s phone for a couple of months. Hehe, I’m very patience hor?

Nokia 6

I bought Nokia 6 – my 10th handphone back in August 2017 at RM999. I refuse to spend more than RM1k for a phone because that’s the most I want+can invest in. Just see this stats: 10 handphones in 18 years (been using handphone since 2000!)… meaning 1 handphone can only last 1.8 years!!! So yeah. Better use the extra moolah for better things. How I wish handphones with greater specifications are more affordable.

Even when everyone was condemning this once very femes brand, its new owner and the kind of features and specifications Nokia was churning out for their first three Android budget-range handphones (the other two were Nokia 3 and Nokia 5), I still went for it, namely Nokia 6. Because…

1. I’m not a heavy user. I mostly use it for phone call, Instagram and couple of other apps, therefore I don’t need very high-end specs for a phone.

2. Nokia 3, 5, 6 will receive at least two years of Android update support (new versions and security patches). Had bad experience with my Samsung S3 because Samsung never provided any updates after I bought the phone. Perhaps I missed the news on that (:no more updates).

3. It’s within my budget.

4. Well-built. I’m a klutzy-chor lor lady.

5. I believe in Nokia. Laugh all you want.

Nokia 6
Coz blue is my favorite color. 💙

Nearly 8 months later (present day), the phone is still working great. I love the sleek aluminium body. The construction is really excellent. It feels great holding the phone in my hand. It has just the right weight. But if I’m out jogging, I would prefer my mom’s lightweight phone. Haha. Battery life is not bad as it can last me at least 1.5 to 2 days. If I use many apps, the battery can only last a day or less. Like any phone, it will surely lag. No complaint there. The camera quality is not bad but is very sensitive to movement (no OIS) and it’s not really good in low light. Not really a big matter for me as I usually take photos with DSLR. Oh yeah, there is no notification LED light which I didn’t find it a big problem. Better yet, without the notification light, I can concentrate on real life stuff. Haha

There really is no perfect phone. The only thing you can do is choose one that fits your usage, lifestyle and budget.

Dear phone, since your predecessor lasted 3.5 years, you better last longer! Fightin’ 💪

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