Thank You Very Much Nokia 6!

Updated 1st April 2024.

You know what? I dropped my Nokia 6 phone on the first day I bought it. From then on, I will drop the phone accidentally (not purposely la) from time to time. There are times when I would drop the phones several times a day or drop it continuously for a few days. This is me being klutzy at its best. Thanks to its well-built aluminium body and strong willpower, it soldier on.

Well, that was until one fine day, the charging port became loose. I thought oh ohhh not again like my retired Samsung S3 issue? But you know what (again)? After many a drop, the charging port miraculously became okay back. 🀣

One fine day (yet again), circa mid-last year after dropping my phone like usual, I noticed that one of the navigation keys, the overview key β–‘ (right key) can no longer function. Its role is to navigate between apps and to close running apps. Luckily life still goes on as I can switch to different apps by using the home key β—‹ and back key β—„. It takes a little use to with this new arrangement but all’s good. I still keep dropping my phone from time to time after that. Can’t help it la.

There are 3 navigation keys at the bottom side of the Nokia 6 phone:
1. Back key β—„ (left key)
2. Home key β—‹ (center key)
3. Overview key β–‘ (right key)

On the morning of 25th November 2022, I accidentally pushed my Nokia 6 from the bed and it landed on the floor (like usual la)… but wahdui when I switched it on, I realized I really did it this time. The home key β—‹ and back key β—„ can no longer work. This means all the navigation keys went kong!

After backing up my files on the phone, I went and did a hard reset twice hoping there will be a miracle. Come on! But nah, it’s still navigation-less. I knew I will need to get a new phone eventually but is there a way still, as money is tight? There is! Some apps will give notifications every day, so I take advantage of the notification to switch app.

What about apps without notifications like phone, contact or WhatsApp (unless there’s a message)? That’s where the problem lies. If I already have an app opened, I’m unable to switch to say the phone app. The only way to open it is to restart the phone. So yeah, in a day I would restart my phone several times.

Sure it was troublesome but I stuck with it. Repairing the phone has never crossed my mind. I don’t know. I’ve never ever repaired my phone before. When it malfunctions, it’s either to the bin or retirement. Probably what drove me to look for a new phone was the realization that I can’t use the phone immediately to call for help either to my close contact or emergency line if ever there is a need during those times.

When my brand new phone (which I will definitely blog about here’s the new phone link) arrived, I officially retired my Nokia 6, but not before dropping it a few more times, but this time purposely, hoping a miracle will ensue. Hahaha πŸ˜€ When my Nokia 6 retired, it looked very battered, especially the corners. LOL

Here are some examples of cosmetic miseries that my Nokia 6 had endured under my ownership:
My Battered Nokia 6
Initially, I use a plastic phone cover to protect the phone body, but after replacing the cover a few times, I refused to buy more covers. As a result of many drops, the letter K fell off and there are tiny little silver dots due to the paint (I guess) coming off.

My Battered Nokia 6
Here’s an example of one of the very worn out four corners. A few long sharp metals at the corners also came off. I’m sure you can now imagine how often I drop the phone. πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ Then, there’s also the screen problem being uplifted and no longer fit into the chassis. Can you see it in the photo?

When this happened, the first navigation key, the overview key β–‘ failed. But, I gotta give this Nokia 6 a very big pat for its toughness. I saved a tonne of money by not buying a new phone so soon.

Both photos were taken with my new phone.

If not for the malfunctioning of the navigation keys which was my fault, the phone is damn fine. It doesn’t lag unless the storage is almost full and my only issue with this phone is not having enough storage space which I resolve by transferring files to my laptop occasionally.

My 8th handphone, the BlackBerry Curve 8520 retires at 3 years old.

My 9th handphone, the Samsung S3 retires at 3.5 years old.

My 10th handphone, this Nokia 6, retires at 5 years and 4 months old. Wohooooooooo! What a feat man!!! And because of this achievement, the new phone will need to last even longer!

It goes to show that phones’ durability is getting better and better or Nokia 6 is STILL tough OR that I’m taking better care of my phone. Haha

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for my Nokia 6…

Thank you very much for your exemplary service. Job very well done. Bravo! Brava! Bravo! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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