My 2022

My 2022 began slowly like 2021 but starts moving fast after the first quarter and when it reached December? It went on triple turbo mode!!! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

I wasn’t really living my 2022. Every day was following a fixed schedule in order to escape the traumas (yeah, it came back). It was and still is traumatizing to live with that toxic morsel. You know this toxic morsel purposely taunts you every day and you try hard to be okay with it but sometimes you fall and feel trapped. And this year, I fell really hard. Very very hard. You can’t do anything about it except hide in a room, get outta there forever or choose death. Or curse a lot. I cursed that moronic toxic morsel GTH many times. I know it’s bad of me but it’s just too unbearable not to release the stresses.

There’s a saying that you can’t get well/heal in the same toxic environment where you got sick in. Something like that. I refuse to believe in it but after countless getting well and dragging myself down again for reacting, I start believing it.

With all that happening that means digestion issues pop up again from time to time and panic attack came back, though I’m no longer afraid of it but observe the rush of emotions every time it happen. My food addiction reemerged as well. The consequence went to my teeth health. Ouchy ouch! The teeth in terms of GNM (I’m still learning it) mean I’m unable to bite, chew, crush a morsel and so on and so forth. How true!

In the 2nd half of the year, four gadgets that I was using malfunctioned. They were my laptop, DSLR, handphone and standing fan. The laptop was able to be repaired but others had to be bought new. But I have a feeling the laptop will give way soon. So yeah, this has been a difficult year in terms of finance as well.

I’m still loving gardening. This year’s plentiful rain (more so than the past few years) meant my decade-old sweet basil plants finally went to la la land. I saved it once but not the second time when more rain came back. My decade old rosemary nearly joined the sweet basil and thankfully I was able to save it the first and second time. Asides from harvesting pandan, herbs, spring onion, tomato and red chili, I also harvested white radish twice this year. I was so happy! You can see that I don’t harvest much from my garden as most of my plants are trees (avocados, figs, lemon, durian & persimmons) and they need more time to mature as they’re grown in pots. Realizing this, I started planting ginger, lemongrass and turmeric. Let’s see.

I’m also loving my Korean dramas still but sadly I watched less this year. As I mainly watch KBS dramas, last year and this year for some unknown reasons, they don’t show many new dramas at KBSWorld. The majority were repeats. My fav this year are Going to You At A Speed of 493km aka Love All Play aka the swoony smile Chae Jong Hyeop! AND The King of Tears, Lee Bang-Won.

And, another still is I’m still loving cooking. I cook 4-6 times a week for breakfast and lunch+dinner. I elevated my fermentation game this year by fermenting mirin, shoyu and miso asides from my usual kimchi, shio koji and shoyu koji. They’ll mature in 2023. Ohh I also tried making kkadugi which is a real game changer and start fermenting milk kefir daily. I’m also making persimmon vinegar. This year, I accumulated more glass jars! LOL

Sadly, still no travel for me because I don’t follow mainstream brainwashing. I told my mom that we should warm up every day in the morning while perparing for work/cooking. Well, I think we only did twice and then it was forgotten. Haha I did no exercise at all this year. Wahlau!!! This year my wish for a dog was very strong but too bad I can’t afford it yet.

I hope after all the lows that I experienced this year (thank you 2022!), the coming new year will see growth and prosperity in many aspects of my life.

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