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Tokyo Day 12: Autumn At University Of Tokyo, Kappabashi Street & Senso-ji

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Since arriving in Tokyo on day 9, we haven’t had any koyo experience in this metropolis yet. Day 12 (today) and day 13 are going to be koyo-ful days.

Strawberry @ Tokyo
First thing first, we had strawberry for breakfast. Bought it the day before at Takeya @ 598 yen.

Kitsune Udon For Breakfast @ Tokyo
Followed by this delicious instant bowl of kitsune udon @ 184 yen.

We departed from our hostel around 9am+ and took the Oedo line to Hongosanchome Station. Then we walked to University of Tokyo 東京大学 (Tokyo Daigaku). In short form, it’s called Todai. Now, why would anyone visit Todai? Well, because this university is famous for its ginkgo trees. And yes, anyone can visit this university. No guard will stop you. Don’t worry.

The Red Gate (Akamon) 東京大学赤門 @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
We entered The Red Gate aka Akamon of Todai at 10.16am. This gate was constructed in 1827. That’s 190 years old today (2017).

Golden Ginkgo Trees @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Once inside, we were greeted with yellow everywhere! 😍 Although I’ve view plenty of ginkgo trees in Osaka and Kyoto, it still amazed me.

Bicycles & Fallen Ginkgo Leaves @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Bicycles and fallen ginkgo leaves.

Golden Ginkgo Leaves @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
There’s so much ginkgo trees in Todai that even the university’s symbol is two gingko leaves.

Main Gate @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
The main gate of Todai. There’s even ginkgo leaf motive at the gate.

Right inside the main gate is a place that I’ve been dreaming of visiting. This:

Heavenly Golden Ginkgo Trees Lined The Road Towards Yasuda Auditorium @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Ginkgo trees lined on both sides of the road towards Yasuda Auditorium. So pretty and dreamy!

Golden Ginkgo @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Surely, you can smell foul here (from the ginkgo) but it won’t bother you because its prettiness will distract you. Haha

Golden Ginkgo Trees @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
How can it be so stunning? Golden yellow leaves contrasted with dark brown branches and trunks. And because it was morning when we visited Todai, the ginkgo trees were glowing. It feels like seeing money-can’t-buy-gold on trees. Thank you nature!

A Bouquet Of Golden Ginkgo Leaves @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
A bouquet of golden ginkgo leaves.

Golden Ginkgo Skies @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
And when you look up… amazing!!!

Yasuda Auditorium @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Yasuda Auditorium.

Most of the buildings in Todai are very old. I love the architecture here and the vibes they bring out. It’s like strolling in ancient time!

Giant Tree Near Yasuda Auditorium @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
A humongous tree that blown me away beside Yasuda Auditorium. It reminded me of the Party Tree of The Hobbits. Thanks to the morning sun, it made the tree glows.

Super Giant Ginkgo Tree @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
And this is the largest ginkgo tree I’ve come across in Japan so far. It’s so huge, big, gigantic (I know they meant the same). WOW! WoW! WOW! I was blown away again.

Stunning Ginkgo Tree @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Stunning… just stunning. All these are from that largest ginkgo tree.

Nou-Seimon @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Then we arrived at the third gate of Todai called Nou-Seimon.

Statue Of Dr Hidesaburo Ueno & Hachiko 上野英三郎博士とハチ公の像 @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
This is the 2nd reason why I wanted to visit University of Tokyo. It’s to see this reunion statue of Dr Hidesaburo Ueno and Hachiko 上野英三郎博士とハチ公の像, located on the left of Nou-Seimon. I’m sure most of us have heard about the statue of Hachiko at Shibuya Station waiting for his master. This new statue of Dr Hidesaburo Ueno (his master) reuniting with Hachiko was erected in 2015 on the 80th death anniversary of Hachiko. And you must be wondering why here? Why in Todai? Why near this gate? Dr Hidesaburo Ueno was a professor of Tokyo Imperial University (the old name for University of Tokyo), specializing in the field of agricultural. In Todai, the area near Nou-Seimon is the faculty of agricultural. FYI, the faculty of agricultural was not located in Hongo campus during that time. It was at Komaba campus.

Statue Of Dr Hidesaburo Ueno & Hachiko 上野英三郎博士とハチ公の像 @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Sweet reunion. 😢😄 Being an emotional person, I did caught a tear in my eyes and it made me think of Chester.
Behind them is the Yayoi Auditorium Annex.

Statue Of Dr Hidesaburo Ueno & Hachiko 上野英三郎博士とハチ公の像 @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
“Let’s go home!”

Story Of Dr Hidesaburo Ueno & Hachiko @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Story of Dr Hidesaburo Ueno and Hachiko.

Through The Hole Of Maple Tree @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Through the hole of maple! Nearby the statue, there are several maple trees.

Breathtaking Ginkgo & Maple Trees @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Look up and you will see these beauties! No words… 🍁💖

Beautiful Fall @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Maple leaves against ginkgo backdrop and sun casting light and shadow on the ginkgo and building.

Us @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Me, me, me and us!

Stunning Yayoi Auditorium During Autumn @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Ginkgo trees reflected on the glass of Yayoi Auditorium. Woah! It’s also located near the statue and Nou-Seimon.

Reflected Golden Ginkgo Trees At Yayoi Auditorium @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
Reflection and sun. Seriously, if you want to view lots and lots of ginkgo during autumn, Todai is the place.

Nou-Seimon @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
With heavy heart, we exited Todai at Nou-Seimon at 12.19pm. In total, we spent 2 hours in University Of Tokyo.

Nou-Seimon @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
The history of Nou-Seimon. It was built in 1937.

Todaiseimon Mae At Hongo Dori @ Tokyo
This is Hongo Dori, the main road in front of the university.

Looking for lunch nearby, we settled for Hotto Motto, a take out bento shop located opposite of Todai. Click the link to read more about our bentos. So where do we eat our takeaway lunch box? We decided to go back to Todai.

Main Gate @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
The main gate of University Of Tokyo. Wohoo… glad to be back again so soon. Hahaha

Drawing The Beautiful 2017 Autumn @ University Of Tokyo, Tokyo
On the way to finding a spot to have our lunch, we saw these painters again.

We had our lunch near that gigantic tree resembling the Party Tree near Yasuda Auditorium. It was one of the best lunch of 2016. Seriously, you gotta try an outdoor lunch in Todai! After lunch, we went searching for toilet in the university ground. Haha

University Of Tokyo @ Tokyo
These are what we saw near the loo (the loo was a bit creepy though).

Finally at 1.46pm, we bade goodbye to Todai. I know I will be back again.

Kappabashi Street @ Tokyo
We then visited Kappabashi Street かっぱ橋道具街 (Kappabashi Dōgugai). It’s a street lined with shops selling everything that has to do with restaurant, cooking and baking. Compared to Sennichimae Doguyasuji 道具屋筋商店街 at Osaka which I visited on day 1, Kappabashi is way way larger. So large that I gave up at less than half way point because most are selling repeated stuff. Plus I was kinda tired due to our visit at Todai earlier. I think we spent a good 2 hours at Kappabashi.

Kappabashi Street @ Tokyo
Wanted to buy a clay grill here but they’re not cheap. Ended up not buying.

Kappabashi Street @ Tokyo
I bought some baking stuff that we can’t easily find back home.

Then we walked to Senso-ji (a famous Buddhist temple in Asakusa). It was quite a long walk, more than 30 minutes if I’m correct. By then, the sky has turned dark.

Denboin Dori 伝法院通り @ Tokyo
On the way we passed by Denboin dori 伝法院通り. I didn’t find anything to my liking here. Perhaps I was too tired.

Nakamise Dori 仲見世通り @ Tokyo
Nakamise dori 仲見世通り, a shopping street selling lots of souvenir. Background is the Hōzōmon of Senso-ji. We arrived here at 5pm.

Hōzōmon 宝蔵門 @ Sensō-ji, Tokyo


Hōzōmon 宝蔵門 is the inner entrance gate of Senso-ji. Notice the three very large lanterns? I did not passed Kaminarimon, the outer entrance gate, as I cut through from Kappabashi Street.

Sensō-ji 浅草寺 @ Tokyo
Sensō-ji 浅草寺. Unfortunately we arrived too late. The temple were closed for the day. The temple ground is still open for public.

Titbits @ Nakamise Dori, Tokyo
Since the temple was closed, we went back to Nakamise dori to shop around. Bought crackers here. Delicious.

Salty Wet Senbei @ Nakamise Dori, Tokyo
Tried this salty wet senbei @ 80 yen. It was so salty. Didn’t like it.

Chestnut & Red Bean Taiyaki @ Kurikoan くりこ庵, Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street, Tokyo
Then we stop by Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street and saw this taiyaki shop. Bought chestnut and red bean taiyaki @ 187 yen at Kurikoan くりこ庵. Unfortunately it was a lackluster taiyaki.

McDonald's BBQ Pork Burger @ Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street, Tokyo
For dinner, we ate BBQ pork burger at McDonald’s, also at Shin-Nakamise Shopping Street. The quality, well… let’s just say not up to what I thought it would be (Japan standard). À la carte cost 200 yen while the regular set is 500 yen.

Then we walked back to hostel with a quick stop at the nearby 7-11 to get our breakfast for tomorrow.

That’s all for day 12. Stay tuned for more koyo photos on day 13.

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