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Tokyo Day 14: Farmer’s Market At UNU, Hachiko Statue & Shibuya Crossing

My 2016 Japan travelogue so far:
Osaka Day 1: Ana Crowne Plaza & Sennichimae Doguyasuji
Osaka Day 2: Osaka Station, Kuromon Market & Dotonbori
Nara Day 3: Todai-ji, Cheeky Deer & Fall Foliage
Osaka + Kyoto Day 4: Nishiki Market & Len Kyoto Kawaramachi
Kyoto Day 5: Kiyomizu-dera, Sannen-zaka & Ninen-zaka (Part 1)
Kyoto Day 5: Kōdai-ji (Part 2)
Kyoto Day 6: Autumn At Beautiful Arashiyama & Kyoto Station
Kyoto Day 7: Fushimi Inari Taisha & Yasaka Shrine
Kyoto & Mishima Day 8: Shinkansen & Beautiful Mishima (Part 1)
Fujikawaguchiko Day 8: Kagelow & Kawaguchiko (Part 2)
Fujikawaguchiko & Tokyo Day 9: Mount Fuji Views, Kawaguchiko Natural Living Center & Oishi Park
Tokyo & Urayasu Day 10: Tokyo DisneySea
Tokyo Day 11: Nui. Hostel, Ameyoko & Takeya
Tokyo Day 12: Autumn At University Of Tokyo, Kappabashi Street & Senso-ji
Tokyo Day 13: Autumn Colors At Shinjuku Gyoen & Jingu Gaien Icho Namiki

At this point, after having traveled for 14 days in Japan, things become fuzzy. There are some things that I forgot to do or have forgotten already. One of it is what I ate for breakfast on day 14 (forgot to take a snapshot). Hahaha Anyway, that’s not important.

I actually planned to go to Rikugien for, yet more koyo but decided perhaps it was more than enough already for this trip. Instead, we head to the Farmer’s Market at UNU. Oh yes! ✌️

We left the hostel at 9am and took the subway to Omotesando Station. On the way, my sis chanced upon Moomin’s bowl set at KFC. What else? She bought KFC and are now a proud owner of the Moomin bowl set. Haha

United Nations University & Farmer's Market At UNU aka Aoyama Farmer's Market @ Tokyo
This is the United Nations University or UNU for short, for which the farmers’s market is held every weekend (Sat & Sun) from 10am-4pm. See the tents? It’s also known as Aoyama farmer’s market. We arrived around 10.30am.
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Growing Vegetables & Fruits From Kitchen Scraps

I’ve been making weekdays packed lunch for quite some time now. Dealing with fresh ingredients mean you’ll automatically create kitchen scraps like wilted leaves, seeds, peeled skins, etc. One day, I have the idea of saving some of the vegetables and fruits scraps and try growing them. Let’s re-purpose! It’s not a new thing actually because I’ve grown chili plant from seeds and spring onions from onions bottom before. This time, I intend to experiment with stuffs that are new to me. Btw, I’ve tried composting before and it didn’t worked for me. Compost were too gooey. 😛

First up, I tried growing celery, yau mak (baby romain) and lettuce from their scraps. They grew a little and then started to rot (as if they de-compost by itself haha). Plan on growing them are currently on hold as I’ve no more space.

Next up, I saved the seeds from kitchen scraps and germinate them. Was really thrilled when I see them sprouting. Some survived pass the sprouting stage but most not (due to inexperienced, pests, diseases). Still I’m really happy. The fact that I can grow my own vegetables and fruits is REAL!

Turmeric Plant
Turmeric plant grew from leftover turmeric root. This pot is located at a shade with morning sun. I also grew some at totally shaded areas but they don’t grow that much. I bet they’ll grow even better in sunny spot. You can make use of the turmeric leaves for rendang or wrapped meat. Do share if you know other uses of turmeric leaf.
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Healthy Breakfast Juices

Three weeks ago I started drinking juice for breakfast. No more bread, Nestum and Milo which was my usual go to breakfast meal on working days and Chinese hot meal on weekends. For three weeks now, I have juices daily. Yup that’s right – 7 days a week and I don’t find it troublesome to cut up the fruits and veggies and then blend the juice. I need about 10-15mins every morning to prepare the juice and because of that I wake up 10-15mins earlier every day.

Healthy Breakfast Juices
Ingredients I’ve used to date: Banana, green apples, carrot, cucumber, plum, honeydew, watermelon, dragonfruit, strawberry, avocado, orange, celery, tomatoes, mulberry, nuts and chia seeds. Note to self: need to incorporate more veggies.
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Melbourne Day 2: Queen Victoria Market, Royal Arcade & Block Arcade

Continuation from Melbourne Day 1: Federation Square, Hosier Lane & Flinders Street Station

Our beds at Victoria Hall were so comfy until we overslept! Seeing that everything in Melbourne CBD are fairly near we decide to walk again. Our first destination for day 2 is Queen Victoria Market. But first we made a small detour to Franklin Street to check out something for our coming trip. Will let you know when it’s time.

Queen Victoria Market @ Melbourne CBD
Queen Victoria Market or QVM in short is Melbourne’s premier market since 1878.

Queen Victoria Market @ Melbourne CBD
The moment I stepped into this deli hall, I know I’m going to love this place to bits.

This market is divided into several precincts; open-air fruits & vegetables stalls, deli hall, meat hall, organics, food court, wine market, general merchandise & street shops.

Come now, let me take you to a little tour.

Yummy Borek @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
This shop at the deli hall has the most crowds. We bought a borek (flavor: spinach, cheese, parsley) @ AUD2.50. It was warm & yummy!

Deli Hall @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Pasta shop, nuts & honey & cheese.
Bought 100g of honey roasted macadamia nuts @ AUD3.50 and mixed nuts @ AUD2.60 to sample. There are also bread, cakes, bratwurst & pizza shops.

Deli Hall @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Ready to eat pickled & marinated food. Saw some of the locals bought this and had it with bread. Ohh yum-yum.

Deli Hall @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Sausages, bacon… seriously if I have more time I will buy these and cook myself.

Next is the Meat Hall. As we all know market place usually is wet and smelly. Nope not here. If I were to blindfold you, you wouldn’t know you’ve step inside the meat hall. Haha

Meat Hall @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Assorted fishes & seafood.

Meat Hall @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD

Fruits & Vegetables @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
We crossed over to the fruits & vegetables area.

Fruits @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Since this is the beginning of spring, there weren’t any berries available except strawberry. We bought 3 packets of strawberry @ AUD4.00. 1 packet = 250g. Cheap eh?

Vegetables @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Vegetables stalls. I was ooohiing and wahhing along the way. So many variety!!! And fresh too.

Nuts @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Nuts in shells.

We check out the general merchandise area a little and decide we will come back again a day before we go back. We need more time to shop! Haha

Food Court @ Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Had Pide Bread Bakery’s chicken souvlaki @ AUD9.50 (QVM’s food court) for lunch. Sorry no picture of the food as we were hungry, exhausted & tired.

Went back to the hostel and had 2 hour of blissful nap. Hehe

Royal Arcade @ Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne CBD
Around 4pm we walked to the Royal Arcade @ Collins Street.

Royal Arcade @ Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne CBD
Royal Arcade is a 19th century heritage shopping arcade. Look how well it was preserved. Tsk too bad for the closing down thingy.

Gog & Magog @ Royal Arcade, Melbourne CBD
The famous Gog & Magog figures and the clock which chimes every hour.

Block Arcade@ Collins Street, Melbourne CBD
By exiting the arcade under Gog & Magog we come to Little Collins Street where Block Arcade another heritage shopping arcade is located.

Block Arcade@ Collins Street, Melbourne CBD
The place is really majestic.
This is where we bought some Haigh’s chocolate and truffles. Haigh’s chocolate was founded in Adelaide in the early 20th century.

Beautiful Tiles @ Block Arcade, Melbourne CBD
Beautiful tiles covering the whole of Block Arcade.

We visited several more shops along Lonsdale Street and Bourke Street. Then we could walk no more.

While dragging our tired legs back to our hostel, we decided to have dinner at Seoul Tookbegi Korean Restaurant @ Russell Street. Do click at the link to read what we had there.

Evening Sky @ Russell Street, Melbourne CBD
6.30pm evening sky.
Taken in front of Old Melbourne Gaol (old 19th century prison). Our hostel, Victoria Hall is just opposite it.

After dinner we went back to the hostel. Later on we went out again. This time to Woolworths & Big W at QV Centre. They are supermarket & discount departmental store respectively.

Self-Checkout Lane @ WoolWorths QV Centre, Melbourne CBD
These are self-checkout lane at Woolsworth. I was acting ‘so ulu’ that when we visited another supermarket, Coles few days later my sister told me not to bring out my camera. Having seen and used this self-checkout system in US, my sister asked me “Have you seen anyone taking pictures at Tesco and Giant or not?” I said no lo. That was when I realized how “monkey” I was. But then can’t blame me ma. Malaysia don’t have ma. Hahaha

Anyway the self-checkout system need occasion card-swiping by several stand-by operators. I’m not sure why. We kept pressing ‘Need assistance’. LOL At first it was because I didn’t know how to operate it and because we’re not sure where the changed slot is (LOL) but then later very mysteriously the operator will pop up beside us and swipe a card.

Ended the night by watching a French movie in my comfy hostel bed.

So that’s day 2. Stay tuned for day 3 ya. 😉