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Tokyo Day 14: Farmer’s Market At UNU, Hachiko Statue & Shibuya Crossing

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At this point, after having traveled for 14 days in Japan, things become fuzzy. There are some things that I forgot to do or have forgotten already. One of it is what I ate for breakfast on day 14 (forgot to take a snapshot). Hahaha Anyway, that’s not important.

I actually planned to go to Rikugien for, yet more koyo but decided perhaps it was more than enough already for this trip. Instead, we head to the Farmer’s Market at UNU. Oh yes! ✌️

We left the hostel at 9am and took the subway to Omotesando Station. On the way, my sis chanced upon Moomin’s bowl set at KFC. What else? She bought KFC and are now a proud owner of the Moomin bowl set. Haha

United Nations University & Farmer's Market At UNU aka Aoyama Farmer's Market @ Tokyo
This is the United Nations University or UNU for short, for which the farmers’s market is held every weekend (Sat & Sun) from 10am-4pm. See the tents? It’s also known as Aoyama farmer’s market. We arrived around 10.30am.

Farmer's Market At UNU @ Tokyo
Farmer’s market @ UNU. Ahh, bucket list crossed.

Farmer's Market At UNU @ Tokyo
From flowers to pickles, to fresh fruit and vegetables and even clothes, there are surely lots of things to see and things that we don’t even know what it is. The vegetables especially are so colorful. Wish I have the opportunity to cook with it.

Farmer's Market At UNU @ Tokyo
Food trucks at the farmer’s market.

Kome Shiru Na コメシルナ 米汁菜 @ Farmer's Market At UNU, Tokyo
This particular food truck caught our eyes. The one man cum cook was cooking and roasting pork in his van! I chuckled when I eyed his shoes. So cute. Haha This food truck is called Kome Shiru Na コメシルナ 米汁菜.

Kome Shiru Na コメシルナ 米汁菜 @ Farmer's Market At UNU, Tokyo
Unique, right?

Omusubi From Kome Shiru Na コメシルナ 米汁菜 @ Farmer's Market At UNU, Tokyo
We ordered the omusubi set おむすびセット @ 740 yen. It comes with a smoked soft boiled egg (ours were overcooked), roasted pork, rice ball (onigiri aka omusubi) and pickles. It was not bad, could be better. The egg is especially good. The roast pork were a bit tough.

Delicious Mikan @ Farmer's Market At UNU, Tokyo
We also bought mikan (aka tangerine) there. There were so very sweet and juicy.

We spent about 40 minutes here and then proceed to our next destination, Shibuya.

Hachiko Statue @ Shibuya, Tokyo
Hachiko statue right outside Shibuya Station. So happy to finally see this statue that I’ve heard and read so much about. Another bucket list crossed. Also glad that I was able to visit the reunion statue of Hachiko and Dr Ueno too.

Hachiko Statue @ Shibuya, Tokyo
The rare moments when there’s no one camwhoring with the statue. Hehe

Shibuya Crossing @ Shibuya, Tokyo
Experiencing the Shibuya crossing. We crossed four times at the four different corners. It was surreal! Bucket list crossed.

Shibuya Community Bus Hachiko @ Shibuya, Tokyo
Came across this cute Shibuya Community Bus Hachiko.

Jagariko Tarako Butter At Matsumoto KiYoshi @ Shibuya, Tokyo
I grabbed this Jagariko tarako (cod roe) butter at Matsumoto KiYoshi while waiting for others to shop there. Cost 74 yen, the cheapest I’ve came across while in Japan. It’s even cheaper than Takeya. Btw, the SKII at Matsumoto KiYoshi is so affordable. I wonder why.

We didn’t stay long in Shibuya as we wanted to try the creations at Hidemi Sugino. Upon arrival, I was wondering why there was no one there, only to realized it’s closed on Sunday. $HIT!!! This was the dessert I was so looking forward to and I checked all its details and made sure everything’s going fine. I actually planned to visit Hidemi on Friday, after visiting University of Tokyo but put it off because I figured it’ll be too much for that day since we’re going to Kappabashi and Senso-ji too. I was right that it was a full tired day but how could I forget Hidemi closes on Sunday? Gah, next time then.

Then we rode the subway to Okachimachi for our very first tsukemen experience at Menya Musashi Bukotsu. Click the link to read my review. After our late lunch, we head to Daiso (108 yen each) at ABAB for some shopping. We spent quite a while there. Even bought seeds for my garden there.

On our way back to hostel, we stopped by 7-11 to get our breakfast for tomorrow and also some snack (like cakes, ice-cream, drinks).

Cakes From 7-11 @ Tokyo
These are the two mini cakes I bought at 7-11. The top (bought yesterday) is mini Kamakura with strawberry sauce 苺ソースの ミニかまくら @ 300 yen. Bottom (bought today) is Itari chestnut Mont Blac イタり栗の モンブラン @ 270 yen. Both are really delicious. If I didn’t know, I will think the cakes are from bakery shop.

Finally, we stopped at a new take-out bento place to get our dinner. Read all about Kitchen Origin here.

That’s all for day 14. Not much photos and words but I can tell ya, it was yet another exhausting day.

Stay tuned for day 15.

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