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Hong Kong Day 3: Prizemart, Liu Ma Kee, Shanghai Street & Best Mart 360

My 2018 Hong Kong travelogue so far:
Hong Kong Day 1: HKIA, First Airbnb & Duk Ling
Hong Kong Day 2: Victoria Peak Garden, Shopping & Sai Ying Pun

Woke up at 7am+ and went out around 9.30am on day 3. We had our breakfast at Australia Dairy Company. I wanted to try the food here for the longest time. Although it is mission accomplished in this visit, I most probably won’t be returning. Click the link to read about it. Very fascinating I tell ya.

After breakfast, we went to the nearby Prizemart. We discovered Prizemart while queening for Kam’s Roast Duck the previous day and decided to drop by one of the nearby branches the next day. So here we are. I went nuts with chocolate because it was so cheap.

Biscuits @ Prizemart, Hong Kong
Biscuits at Prizemart.

Nuts @ Prizemart, Hong Kong
Nuts galore at Prizemart. Bought a pistachio one.

Ritter Sport @ Prizemart, Hong Kong
Ritter Sport at HK$9. RM4.50 after exchange rate calculation. In Malaysia I usually buy them at around RM12-RM14. MYGOD!

Chocolate Crisp @ Prizemart, Hong Kong
Chocolate crisp. Glad I bought two because they are fab.

When we finished shopping and proceed to leave, it started raining. According to the weather forecast, today is suppose to rain. True enough. So glad we swapped today’s suppose activity for yesterday.

Then we realized that we are carrying few bundles of snack, and there are lots of walking today, plus it’s raining, oh and we don’t have an umbrella. Tai wok!!! As tai wok (deep $hit) as it is, we continued on. Canopies and awnings were our savior, and running saved our clothes from getting wetter.

Raining @ Nathan Road, Hong Kong
At one point, we had to cross a busy street and the problem was there are two traffic lights that changes to green at different time. So yeah, got soaked even more.

Liu Ma Kee @ Jordan, Hong Kong
After some walking, we finally arrived at Liu Ma Kee. It’s a very very old (over 100 years!) shop that sells traditionally fermented bean curd without preservatives. I’ve yet to try it as of writing this post because I feel m-seh-tak.

Liu Ma Kee @ Jordan, Hong Kong
Asked the boss whether I can take photos and he said yup-yup. He felt a bit arrogant at first but eventually warms up. Perhaps I was asking silly questions. Hahaha Anyway, thank God because I don’t want to meet another rude Hong Konger.

Liu Ma Kee @ Jordan, Hong Kong
All the fermented bead curd types on display. I bought nam yue, fu yu and tau cu, all in small sizes.

Packing My Purchases @ Liu Ma Kee, Hong Kong
Boss is packing my purchases.

When we left Liu Ma Kee, sis and I got into an argument. How to carry la??? At this moment, all we needed was positive thinking. The rain was still pouring btw.

Then we head to our next agenda, which is Shanghai Street. We were also looking for Chinese sausage and a kind shop lady told us there’s one at Reclamation Street. So off we went.

Reclamation Street @ Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Meat shop at Reclamation Street. Plenty of porky!

Dried Food Store At Reclamation Street @ Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
This is the dried food shop that we bought Chinese sausages for my dad. We bought several types like red type, liver, duck and goose sausages. The shop name is either 記鴻 or 鴻記 and I don’t know the English name. Can’t find it in Google but look for 富士桑拿. This shop: 富士桑拿 is beside the meat shop and the meat shop is beside this dried food shop.

Reclamation Street Day Market @ Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong
Reclamation Street day market is just outside those shops above. Despite raining and not many customers, they are still open. We went and have a look at the market.

Along the way, we cross over to Temple Street and discovered our old makan place for oyster pancake and claypot rice is still there but too bad they’re open at 5pm.

We finally arrived at the few baking and cooking shops that we had planned to visit in Shanghai Street. If you’ve been to Tokyo’s Kappabashi Street or Osaka’s Sennichimae Doguyasuji, then you would know how awesome it is to find everything from cookware to bakeware under one place. You can’t compare Kappabashi to Shanghai Street (few shops), however, it exudes a somewhat similar vibe and you can find almost anything cooking-baking related here.

We bought some baking moulds. I wanted to buy an eggette mould but had to forgo it because we can’t carry any more heavy things. I didn’t snap a single photo of the shops in Shanghai Street. Too tired plus no hands! After that, we decided we had enough of walking and shopping, so we concluded our Shanghai Street visit. FYI, Shanghai Street is SUPER LONG. We needed some rest. So we walked to Nathan Street and dropped by Yee Shun Milk Company. Yum-yum!

Then we discovered a Best Mart 360 store just next door. What else? Shopping time!

Dried Fruits @ Best Mart 360°, Hong Kong
Dried fruits at Best Mart 360°.

Lindt @ Best Mart 360°, Hong Kong
What a bargain! How can I say no? 😛

Ritter Sport @ Best Mart 360°, Hong Kong
Ritter Sport same price with Prizemart. Their minis are also the same price.

After shopping, we took the MTR back to our place. It was drizzling a bit. Nearby our lodging, we bought egg tarts to try. Unfortunately, it was so-so with the kind of yellow (egg) that you feel like it’s coloring. Time was around 2.30pm when we reached our Airbnb. Oh ya, I had diarrhea and luckily I’m at home. I suspect it’s from Yee Shun because of the smelly bombs.

After resting, we went out again at 4.45pm. Luckily the rain has stopped. Took us 20 minutes of walking to reach Tim Ho Wan at Sham Shui Po for dinner. It was a worthy 1 Michelin star experience. Click the link to read my review. After dinner, we visited several shops and marts while walking back to our lodging. My tummy still wasn’t 100% with some on-off stomachaches but luckily I didn’t need to visit the loo.

What Is This @ Hong Kong
Saw this at one of the shops. Does anyone know what’s this? Please enlighten me.

Aji Ichiban @ Nathan Road, Hong Kong
Also dropped by Aji Ichiban. This place used to be packed. Nowadays it’s so empty. Why ar?

Got home and rest.

Banana @ Hong Kong
The longest banana I’ve ever eaten. Hahaha Bought at the open-air market in Canton Road yesterday.

That’s all for day 3. Stay tuned for the final post.

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  • Reply Tekkaus July 19, 2018 at 10:45 am

    Sounds like the chocolate is damn cheap alright with more than 50% difference. 😄

    • Reply Che-Cheh July 19, 2018 at 4:48 pm

      Hi Tekkaus, yup. Good news for chocolate lovers. The nuts are cheap too.

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